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Abelle (played by Sarvigothe)

((This RP has been ended as the creator has no interest in continuing it or seeing others RP here.

Topic can be locked/removed at mod discretion.))

The seaside town of Corath is a sleepy and relatively unheard of place. Only five square miles in size, most of the houses line the edge of the beach behind the main shops. The beach itself is where tourists flock to, barbecue's regularly happen, life guards flex and keep an eye out for danger on the horizons, and the sea glass jewelry peddlers lay their blankets out to sell their wares. Not quite a tropical beach, the area has minimal humidity and hot sands with sea green shallows that turn into a lovely shade of cerulean where the drop off happens. Corals line the drop off, close enough to the sun that they can grow, but deep enough that most humans don't trample them with their merriment.

Waves that break at around six feet tall happen regularly enough that surfers take up many of the spots further out in the ocean, while several oversized umbrellas protect delicate women and precious belongings from too much exposure. Children flock to the shallows, while teenagers and young adults stay waist deep, shrieking when their bare toes touch anything that could be a deep sea horror, just coming up to get a taste of humans. In reality it's usually seaweed.

To the far eastern side of the beach are the huts and shacks of beach bums, those who saved up enough money to build tiny houses right on the beach back in the day. They're quite out of the way and don't attract too much attention. At the exact opposite end of the beach is the bar where said beach bums often spend their time when not surfing. Along the concrete wall that was put in place to try and aid in flood prevention are any number of attractions. Carnival games in an arcade, a tiny saltwater taffy shop, typical beach attire stores, ATM's on every corner, shaved ice shops, sundries and beach junk, seafood restaurants... Everything a tourist will dump their wallets for to appease their children and craft artificial memories.

Today is a special day at Corath Beach. There's a surfing competition going on at two in the afternoon. Tourists in the area have all come around to see what's going on, there are carts set up with food, shaved ice, and drinks, and the whole colony of jewelry sellers has set up together near the main watching station to try and garner attention of their own.

Currently the time is nine in the morning. Breakfast is over for the most part, the beach bums have caught their very first waves, for most a ritual and tradition that cannot be ignored, as sacred as any religious ceremony to them, and the first tourists are starting to wake up and see what is going on.

There is a whole roped off section with signs that say "For Surfers in Competition", a sand castle building competition going on further down the beach starting at eleven in the morning and being judged at one in the afternoon, and curvaceous tanned women in small bikinis wandering the beach advertising for various shops. To lure even more people are muscular men in form fitted swimwear, flexing and encouraging people to get something cool to drink and stay hydrated on this hot day of ninety seven degree heat. The clouds in the sky are soft, white, and fluffy, without a threat of rain or storms hinted in the slightest.
“How did this place come up in the list of beaches?” Tyrelle asked, pulling her navy blue cover-up further over her pale shoulders.
Saoirse shrugged. “This one seemed up and coming in tourist-land, so I figured we’d enjoy it without the larger crowds, especially in Greece.”
Tyrelle nodded and started down the driftwood staircase to the sand.
Looking over the beach, Saoirse took a deep breath, loving the feeling of the smooth breeze through her dark ginger curls. She quickly followed her best friend down the stairs, excited to get into the water.
“Are you sure I look okay? I’m not used to this,” Tyrelle said quietly, still looking nervous.
“You look beautiful. Just because it’s not a skin-tight space suit doesn’t mean you don’t look amazing.”
Tyrelle blushed and busied herself with her beach towel, a little less self conscious if her cover-up opened from the wind. Saoirse helped her pick out that maroon swimsuit amid many a protest. Tyrelle wasn’t the girly girl type. To be fair, neither was Saoirse, but at least they could have a little fun shopping together once in a while.
The girls got their things set up and both took a moment to relax on their towels, idly watching the waves and the people walk by. Tyrelle slipped her hand into Saoirse’s, still trying to calm her nerves. Crowds weren’t her thing.
Vee (played by Voldarian_Empire)

Vee poked their head around the last tree on the edge of the nearby wooded area, spying they many exciting looking obstacles between them and the water. The ocean itself is what attracted them here, as an essentially sentient plant, they had a natural attraction to bodies of water and this one in particular was one they eyed the way a child eyes their favorite dessert, setting on a shelf too high for them to reach.

Likely the most exciting thing they saw, were the locals. Many different shaped aliens, to them, roamed around the sandy beach performing various activities, many of which confused Vee. The one activity they definately identified with, was those laying on the beach itself, absorbing the rays from the sun.

The flowering buds on Vee's body each had a pair of transparent wings attatched to each side, and as they looked excitedly at the beach, these wings moved back and forth, opening a closing independently and methodically. Occasionally one of them would twitch in excitement, flapping twice in quick succession before returning to the routine movements. There were eight in total, four in various places among the chest and lower body, two on each shoulder, and two on the thighs.

Finally working up the courage to face their excitement, Vee stepped out from the visual protection of the tree trunk, slowly and cautiously walking down towards the ocean. Of course they wanted to meet the locals, but for now, instinct was drawing them towards the ocean. Even though the two seemingly distinct species Vee saw here looked very similar, the mere fact there were two suggested a familiarity with other races, something their own people were just coming to understand themselves.

The sand felt good underneath Vee's bare toes. They were not really, in fact, wearing anything as far as normal racial standards went. The leaf-like appendages that grew and eventually shed from their body around the waist and torso, and even on the head, however, made them appear as though they had a shirt and skirt made of leaves. The sheer lack of any reproductive organs were helpful in this masquerade.

As Vee neared the water, vae wings still twitching, they noticed a few locals they would be walking past and nerves hit them. What would they be like? Were they friendly? Conquerors? Merchants? It was impossible to discern based on the stories they had heard. Vee looked in particular at a pair of two who had been laying a cloth down to lay on as they passed by. Maybe it would be best if they weren't noticed, but the excitement of greeting new beings was swelling inside them, now reaching a point where it nearly rivaled their thirst.

They weren't the only ones Vee was near at this point, but they were smaller than the two others approaching from the opposite direction. That race looked like they could be aggressive, based purely on their larger size and the fact they were already shoving each other and laughing. Hopefully Vee wouldn't find themselves the target of their next attack.
Tyrelle had been dozing, focusing on the feeling of the sun over her skin. It had been years since she had been on vacation, and Saoirse had finally been cleared to leave her apartment. The day she got the call, she make sure she was earth-side and took the time off.

She had two main reasons to take time off. One, Pearce needed the practice in command for his last class rank promotion, and two, she missed Saoirse. During most of her flights, Tyrelle daydreamed of all of her memories growing up in Ireland with her best friend. Her favorite to this day had to be sneaking out to the bogs to drink and try to catch fireflies when they were 16 and 17.

A sharp elbow to the ribs interrupted her musings and her eyes snapped open. "What?" she asked quietly, suppressing a yawn.
"Did you alien life on your travels?" Saoirse whispered.
Tyrelle's eyebrows knit together. "Why?"
Saoirse jerked her head toward the water, gripping Tyrelle's hand a little harder. She was still, staring at the plant form making its way toward the water.
Not knowing what to think, Tyrelle's eyes were glued to the figure.
Vee (played by Voldarian_Empire)

Vee walked a bit faster, the fluttering of their vae wings simulating the expedited movement. They lost eye contact with the small ones before they were noticed, and now hoped to dodge the large ones in the same manner. They presumed a seeming success without looking back, hearing the jovial aggression of their bodies slapping against each other followed by the sound of mocking taunts.

They figured they were now home free, all they had to do now was reach the water and they would stay relatively hidden away, at least for the moment.

Almost dashing at the end, Vee leapt into the water, their vae wings buzzing loudly as if they would fly off with their support as they jumped. They could feel the ground still underneath them while in the water, and as they rose up, splashing water about and giggling, the water receded. Once it had, they stood up and ran once again into the water, which met them half way, crashing into them and knocking them onto their back as they disappeared under the wave.
Tyrelle stood, taking Saoirse with her as her grip tightened on her hand. Saoirse looked nervous, but said nothing and followed Tyrelle.

The Captain's expression was like a curious but steeled seriousness, eyes locked on the gallivanting figure running to and from the water. As she walked toward what looked like a humanoid plant, the wind picked up, lifting her hair from her shoulders and her cover-up away from her hips, much like a cape. Saoirse's curls were wild and free, reminding Tyrelle much of her heritage and ancestry back in Ireland.

Standing a few feet from the being, Tyrelle was taking in as many visual details as she could, running through the log in her mind. Like her best friend, she too had a port opening on the back of her neck, courtesy of Doctor Remigio back in Italy. She was learning the system, and had figured out a way to access her memories like video clips when hooked up to the nerve stimulators back home.
Vee (played by Voldarian_Empire)

Vee splashed back up slightly, their upper body now exposed above the water. They threw their hands in the air, the vae wings buzzing and splashing water about as they laughed all the way to their feet. Standing at only about 5', however, Vee was about chest height in the water now, their back turned to the onlookers they were unaware of.

They dove forward and landed back in the water, twirling underneath to about face as they poked their head up out of the waves. Giggling as they emerged, they froze when they saw they were being watched. The giggling stopped and they held only their head now out of the water. The smile faded from Vee's face, but not completely. A small smile remained, their toothless mouth open only slightly, and if one looked hard enough, they could see the hardened ridgeline of gums in their mouth set far lower than a tooth line would have been set. Their eyes looked relatively normal as far as humans eyes would be compared, only the yellow color giving them an estranged look. While the face and neck are which was exposed looked like a normal smooth skin, despite it's dark green color, their 'hair' was obviously different. It resembled the same leafy texture the torso and skirting had. Some of the leafing was dark green, others lighter, and a few on the outer moat areas were a Golden brown color.

Vee only stared back, a splashing occasionally in front of them from their vae wings. They weren't sure what to do just yet, so they would allow the aliens to make the first move.
Zombie Girl (played by Mr_Stick)

The waves pounded the surf rhythmically, back and forth, up and down. It was peaceful, serine even. One could just lay there and listen to the surf for hours.

Or get washed up on shore, looking more or less like a drowned rat!

The woman found herself just like that, shakily standing upright as she moved her way up out of the waves. I? What....happened? She thought, blinking away sea water and sand, her vision blocked out on her right side for some reason. "Uhhahhhh...." She groaned, face scrunching up at the strange sound coming out of her mouth. Followed by a solid gallon of sea water literally gushing out. "Uhhhh...." She groaned again, looking down at herself. Green? Why She also wore a bright pink one piece swimsuit with tiny white polka dots, but that really didn't matter.

A few people were pointing at her, gaping a little bit. Why stare? What wrong? Something on face? She was having trouble thinking, though she figured that had to do with whatever reason she suddenly foundherself on a beach. "Uhhhn...." Reaching up, she gingerly touched her left cheek. Still good...nice and supple... And then her right.....feeling only exposed bone and muscle. What....WHAT? Fingers crawling higher, she felt the empty socket where her right eye should be.

And then.....she started screaming.
Abelle (played by Sarvigothe)

With the sun, the sand, and the people everywhere, it was hard for Abelle to want to go outside. Considered one of the youngest beach bums in the area, she had her own tiny shack in the small collective off with the others, and as she stumbled out in the pre-dawn wearing cargo shorts, a midriff exposing tank top, and a button down shirt with the sleeves torn off, it was hard to even imagine that was a woman. Skin that had been long since tanned due to the exposure to the sun for the last eight years, light steel colored hair, and bright green eyes made up her general appearance. Subtle muscles covered her form from the years on the ocean and teaching the 'little brat's as she called them how to surf. Take it all and combine it with the abundance of swimming she did in her free time, and there was the perfect beach-loving specimen.

After her pre-dawn ritual of surfing with the other beach bums, Abelle went with them for breakfast at the bar. She just had eggs and toast, wanting to keep it light for the competition. Lots of elbowing and gentle name calling happened before eventually the bums all went to grab their boards and start showing off for the ladies. All of them except Abelle, who was talking with the jewelry sellers and promising she'd sit out the next competition and peddle her trinkets with them, if they asked nicely.

For a long time, a couple hours at least, she just enjoyed the peaceful vibe of the beach as it was waking up, but as soon as the tourists started to come out in droves, right around nine in the morning, she made her way slowly towards her shack to grab her favorite surf board, a lime green one with bright blue flowers and her name painted on it with swirls. Joining the other surfers, she starts to wax the board to make sure there were no flaws or cracks, and idly watches the beach and ocean, keeping a wary eye out for any shark fins, lost children, or any potential accidents of drowning.

What she sees though makes her pause. Was that a green person in the water? Curiously watching the scene, she sees two others standing near them and just observes, her hands idly running the wax down the board, over and over, stroking it into any grooves or divets that had been made since she was last on the waves. In a couple of hours people would start building sand castles, and at the moment several groups of people were goofing off trying to make sand sculptures, but they were just goofing off.

Several groups of people were watching Vee curiously out of the corners of their eyes. Magic wasn't unheard of around the lands, but it wasn't common in the slightest and blatant displays were watched carefully until a decision had been made. Sometimes a sea serpent sunned himself down near the coves on the flat rocks when the tide was low and the sun was out, and everyone generally accepted him because he was generous and if he asked someone to find something on the beach, he often rewarded them with something really cool.

Amidst the general hubbub of people, Abelle noticed some pointing. And then someone screamed. Reacting without thinking, she jumped up and ran towards the screaming, heading right towards the green gal with the missing eye socket. Stopping in her tracks, she tensed up and just sort of stood there awkwardly for a moment before shouting, "It's alright, ev.. everything's fine!" Throwing an arm out, she kept one of the teenagers from snapping a photo and glared at them. A small set of sparks shot out from her hand and for some reason, no one seemed to be able to take a picture or video after that moment. Silently cursing herself, she felt a stab of loathing for having used magic without intending to. "Damnit... but it had to be done," she thought before slowly, very slowly, approaching the unique woman. "It's alright. Everything's going to be fine, just... calm down." Hopefully not too many people would crowd around right away, because that might make things worse.
Zombie Girl (played by Mr_Stick)

Screamed, and screamed, an inhuman noise that shouldn't come out of a human throat. Thing was....she wasn't human. Not anymore.

The gawkers tried to take pictures, but couldn't for some reason. Most became distracted by their precious phones and similar devices not working, a screaming green seemingly injured woman not as important as their toys.

The woman slowly stopped, looking at Abelle with her one good purple eye. "Uhaaaahhh...." She moaned, tears streaming out of that eye. she was clearly terrified and confused. Can't talk....face pain. What wrong? What wrong?

It was at that moment she noticed how many people were staring at her, making her feel INCREDIBLY uncomfortable, and agitated. Worse yet....she was getting hungry.

Stop....stop staring. Don't look She tried to polity ask everyone to leave her alone....but instead it came out as booming roar. RHAAAAAAAA!!!
The scream jarred Tyrelle, but she kept her gaze on the plant form in front of her. Saoirse stood in front of Tyrelle, facing the opposite direction toward the scream, keeping her arm locked with her best friend's.

"What are you?" Tyrelle said quietly. She wished she had more of her equipment with her, both for study and for combat if necessary.

"Crowd," Saoirse said, emotionless. Tyrelle was unfazed. She pressed her fingers against Saoirse's palm once, signaling to stay by her side for now.
Vee (played by Voldarian_Empire)

Vee's head shot in the direction of the scream, buy quickly returned to the alien before them. It wasn't so much the scream didnt interest them, it was just....further away.

Vee recognized the language the alien spoke. They had heard it before, and were surprised to hear these aliens speaking it. Vee slowly raised themselves up out of the water. Now the small flower pods where the vae were housed could be fully seen. It wasnt obvious while they were in the pods that they were essentially tiny replicas of a Vynym, the species Vee was, with small flowers on their backs and sprouting wings underneath said flowers.

Vee truly wanted to run over and begin the manual communication their own people used most often for speaking, but Vee had learned the hard way already, most races didnt like being touched. Some in certain areas, and others at all. This being said they decided to try their simply verbal abilities.

"Vee," they said simply in a squeaky almost childlike voice. They smiled at Tyrelle, their vae wings began fluttering again, and Vee nearly launched a couple right away, but decided to wait for a response before trying what had, once again, caused problems in the past.
Saoirse didn't move.

"Vee?" Tyrelle asked to confirm. "Are you dangerous?" Part of her hair that wasn't in her viking braids swung forward over her shoulder in the wind. Impatiently, she brushed it back, continuing to take in details of Vee's appearance. Everything about them confused her. This wasn't what she expected of a first encounter with alien life.

She was impatient. Saoirse could just make out what the screaming figure looked like, and she tensed. Better hurry this up. God knows what's really going on down there. Looks like the crowd is not only thickening, but agitated.
Vee (played by Voldarian_Empire)

"Vee?" they asked with a surprised look on their face. "Not dangerous," they concluded, placing their right hand on the center of their chest looking back to the curious alien.

As if to speak of danger, Vee allowed their attention to wander to the screaming and clearly unusual even for this alien place scene as far as the group in the distance was concerned. They glanced back to Tyrelle and stared a moment, wondering what was happening and what they should do. The vae wings all came to a stop, and Vee pointed in the direction of the screaming, a scene Vee couldn't see well from their position. "Danger?" they asked, looking to the aliens for guidance.
Zombie Girl (played by Mr_Stick)

The crowd backed up, a few people screaming in terror at the sight of the half-faced green woman. "ZOMBIE!" Some yelled. "MONSTER!" Cried others. The woman didn't know who, but some one threw a rock at her, hitting her in the shoulder. She felt the impact, but it didn't hurt.

"SThaaaaahnnggg.....STaaaahp!" She cried, feeling herself getting angrier and angrier. Why not leave me alone? Head feel thick, stomach hurt. Hungry. For a split second she thought about lashing out at people, the thought of digger her teeth into their warm supple flesh, cracking open their skulls and digging her fingers into....

NO! NO NO NO! NOT THAT! NOT EVER! She charged the crowd, most scattering to get out of her way. One burly man tried to stop her, only to get tossed a good five feet away with ease.

The pain in her stomach grew, driving her mad with hunger. She stopped, sniffing the air, smelling something that made her mouth water. Food! A family was making hamburgers, and the zombie girl charged it, quickly grabbing the cooked meat and wolfing them down whole, aggressively devouring any food that was NOT a person.
Two taps to Saoirse's palm, and she was off in the direction of the crowd.

"Maybe," Tyrelle replied, some nervousness creeping into her voice. "Should we go look?"

The crowd separated, and Saoirse saw a man get flown into the air. She broke into a run just as the green figure came upon a family barbecue. What the hell is it? Doesn't look safe. Gotta keep the crowd back. Feeling the power surge spread to her hands, she briefly wondered if this was too much stimulation after the surgery. The doctor said keeping a calm mind in the early stages makes things easier. She hoped Tyrelle would join her soon. She had better power control than Saoirse.
Vee (played by Voldarian_Empire)

Watching Saoirse take off in the direction of the crowd and activity, Vee decided to send their own scouting party. The wings on two of the flower pods on Vee's chest buzzed as they emerged. Turning around, it could now be seen that these flying flowers were actually tiny replicas of Vee with wings and small flowers on their backs, ir vae as the Vynym called them.

They both flew off quickly in the same direction Saoirse ran, closing on behind her rapidly and taking up positions on each side of her head, a safe distance out and back from her leaving them out of reach. They remained back the same relative distance when she stopped, simply observing the odd scene.

Vee cautiously considered Tyrelle, becoming a bit concerned now about the environment they found themselves in. "I will watch," they stated, expecting Tyrrell to understand what their vae were doing.
As she ran, Saoirse heard buzzing, but paid no mind to it. She chalked it up to large bugs that she didn't want to see anyway. She placed herself between the figure and the crowd, directing the family away from the ravenous thing as its back was turned. The family scurried quickly into the crowd behind her.

Shocked, Tyrelle watched the flying things leap from Vee's body and follow her best friend. She was concerned. "You'll watch..." she muttered, glancing at Vee before understanding colored her expression. "Like drones, but alive. Fascinating. I still don't understand what you are exactly. But I hope to find out." Her auburn hair shimmered red in the sunlight, and she pulled her cover-up further over herself, crossing her arms in front of her chest almost protectively.

Suddenly, she felt a power shift. Tyrelle looked after Saoirse, recognizing the wave origin. "Don't take it too far, babe, you're still healing," she muttered quietly aloud.
Vee (played by Voldarian_Empire)

The vae which had followed Saoirse simply hovered from afar, watching the scene unfold before them.

Vee was disturbed aat what they saw through their vae's eyes. It seemed to them this was some kind of monster plaguing this land. They had no idea how common it might be, but seeing it seemingly threatening what appeared to be children easily cemented the belief this was a monster, not to mention the aliens around it yelling "Monster! Monster!"

Vee looked at Tyrelle with a serious and concerned look. "It has to stop," they said. They weren't really volunteering for the job so much as advising. In truth the thing frightened them. Vee looked over towards the creatures direction a moment, then back to Tyrelle expectantly. They hoped she could dispose of this monster.
Zombie Girl (played by Mr_Stick)

Devoured the burgers, buns, raw meat, everything she could get her hands on. As she filled her belly (which became slightly distended) she felt herself calm down, the pain in her stomach fading. "Better....better...." She huffed, and then grunted, clutching at her eye socket.

Steam began to waft up from the socket as a new eye formed, faded and dull looking compared to its companion, but there it was. "Wha? New eye?" Her face scrunched up again, not understanding anything. Why was she green? Why was she feeling no pain? Why did eating beach food heal just her eye? And poorly at that, her vision was really blurry and dull out that new eye.

People still watched and pointed, whispering among themselves, but not daring to go near Zombie Girl. She looked around, still feeling uncomfortable. She honestly didn't like coming to the beach, feeling she didn't have the body for it. Which was odd, why would she remember THAT of all things? She also coudln't see herself, as she now looked quite athletic and could even be considered pretty, green skin and damaged face aside.

" away!" She snarled, stomping away from the frightened people, inadvertently towards Vee, even though she had no idea the plant based life form was there.

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