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Sarah Lotonati (played anonymously)

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It was any ordinary day. The sun was just rising Sarah awoke at 7. School started at 8:30, and her bus left in an hour. Many girls would debate that this was no where near enough time to get ready, but she would frantically disagree. If anything, it was too much time. For her it was, anyways. With that thought in mind, she processed the thought of going back to sleep since she was always tired. She was tired now; tired yesterday; she had been tired for the past 4 years. She couldn't recall a day where she hadn't felt like crap.

The pains of being beautiful, is all she had shrugged it off as. But it couldn't be farther from the truth.

She was about to lay back down when she heard her cheap bedroom door fly open. The wooden board could've easily flown off of its hinges if any more force had been applied. It took her a moment to work enough courage up to look up from her feet and to her mother who she already knew was present thanks to the drunken slurs and crackhead cackles. When she did she instantly regretted it, her mother's eyes boaring straight into her soul.

"Get your fat arse out of bed and out of my god damn house." was the slurred sentence that escaped the dreadful woman's mouth as she spat at her daughter. Any outsider would've thought the girl was a slave, not a daughter. She then exited the bland bedroom, slamming the door roughly and chipping- once again- the wood that so desperately needed replacing.

The young brunette forced herself out of her bed and went over the the body mirror she had hung on the wall. She slid her shirt up to rest just above her stomach as she turned sideways. She took a deep breath, sucking in her little remaining fat, and pinching her sides. Despite little to no skin gathering up in her small grip, she didn't see it that way. In her eyes, there was so much more.

She turned back to the front, letting her shirt drop as she stared at her face. Sweet, porcelain skin, soft lips, dull brown eyes, a head full of lucious brown hair... It all seemed okay until you looked at her chin and the sides of her face. She felt a broken smile rise to her lips as she stepped closer to the inanimate object. She stared at her face intently.

Despite her soft features, her jaw, neck and sides of her face were lined with thick black cracks in her skin. Like she was breaking at every touch.

She sighed as she stepped away and looked away. She grabbed her defining black pollution mask and put it on, making see the red X was covering directly over her lips and the black fabric covered every breaking in her skin. She dug through her wardrobe and pulled out a black hoodie and a grey long-sleeved t-shirt. She slipped both on before pulling out a pair of black jeans and slipping them on. They were covered in paint stains and had two rips in the knees. She grabbed her red Nike trainers and slipped them on before grabbing her small backpack and shouldering it onto her right shoulder. She then grabbed her wallet, and grabbed her food diary.

She began flipping through the pages as she walked down the stairs, not even bothering to grab anything as she slipped out of the door and headed to the bus station.

She was silent the entire way, her brow furrowed in thought. She sighed. 670 calories yesterday. That was way too much. Maybe she'd try to go for 400 today...

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Flynn Auburn (played by Tink)

He tapped a random beat with his pencils as he waited for the bus to stop. He tapped Sarah on the head. " Watcha doing?" He smiled slightly.

He glanced out the window to see if they were anywhere near the school. He smiled looking at a boy running across the sidewalk. He continued to tap his beat on the window. He could hear his mother's voice saying 'Bordem never killed anyone'

He stoped tapping and grabbed a peice of paper from his bag. He pressed it against the window and started drawing random cartoon doodles. He suddenly stoped and tore the paper because he didnt like the way his character looked.

He laid his head back on the seat and closed his eyes. He thought of his sister Lucy who was going to a different school because she had a better relationship with their father. He thought of how much he hated his life at the moment. He remembered that he forgot his lunch again. "****" he mumbled under his breath.
Finnian McCray (played by PastelGalaxy)

The sun hadn't even began to rise when Finn had woken from his sleep, the bright orb still tucked away safe to wherever it went during the night. It was silent in the house, save his mother's snoring and the creak of the floorboards when the young man stood, brushing his dirty blonde hair from his face. As quietly as possible he tiptoed through his room, silently dressing in his oldest gray hoodie and most favorite jeans before stopping before the cracked mirror, staring at his face in the glass. Light eyes, dark circles underneath, the same old slightly upturned nose and dimpled chin. This was him, Finnian McCray, drug addicts son, thief.

Walking to the school took forever but Finn preferred it that way, no need to interact with anyone, no smelly bus to ride. The toes of his tattered black Nike's scuff the ground throwing little pebbles into the street, the rocks skittering across the concrete as if the were on ice in sneakers. He didn't want to go to school, despised the place, but if he was going to keep from ending up like his mother he needed to go, better himself for the future. God, he didn't want to end up like her.

Eventually he had arrived at the school, tucking his chin closer to his chest to hide his face and stood in the shadows, thin fingers twirling the dog tag at his neck as he waited.
Days and days doing the same routine, it gotten boring after a while of realizing it was boring. Nonetheless, I thew myself off my bed and went to the bathroom. Fixing my hair and cleaning myself, I got out and grabbed my pair of ripped blue jeans, slid my snowflake shirt quick, put on my black Jordan's, and put on my black jacket. I went out of my room then darted down the stairs. My parents were asleep anyways, so I didn't mind telling them 'goodbye.'

"Another day... another boring, cold day..." I mumbled to myself as I stood outside after closing the main door of my parent's house. I held my bookbag behind me with my right hand and I started to walk to school. Despite living close, I took my sweet time to take a breather and just relax.

Boy it wasn't easy. I moved my left finger around and made quite the snowflake. I was better off practicing my snowflake-making skills as I walked off to school. Obviously I looked around first to see if anyone was nearby and looking at me, but that wasn't the case. "Hopefully no one saw..." I thought to myself then got rid of my snowflake and focused on walking.

After a little while of me just walking casually to the school, I sighed lightly when I realized I was near the school grounds already. But I shrugged it off and continued.
Sarah Lotonati (played anonymously)

Once Sarah had gotten onto the bus she sat beside Flynn, not really thinking. She was still nose deep in her food diary, her brow still furrowed in thought. She jumped visibly in surprise when her head was tapped, practically slamming the notebook shut and gripping it abnormally tightly in her hands. She felt her breathing hitch when she realised it was Flynn.

She gripped her notebook tighter as she looked up at him with the same, empty eyes. Her eyes had been dull and empty since she started her awful eating habits. They were still the same red color, but had no sparkle or shine. It... It made her look dead to most people.

She shrugged at his question, not speaking again like usual. She rarely ever spoke, and she didn't think most of her friend group had ever heard her voice. She knew one of them probably had once, but other than that, she was mute. She had been for the past four years, as impossible as it may have sounded to other students. However, she was never called on and not many people approached her. She didn't see any need for unnecessary talk.

It was around five or 10 minutes before the bus came to a stop outside of the school. Without doing anything, she got up, grabbed her bag and got off, slipping her notebook into her back pocket as she shoved her hands deep into her pockets. She entered through the school gates and looked around for everyone else.
Flynn Auburn (played by Tink)

He grabed his bag and slung it over his shoulder, as he jumped off the bus. He looked at the clock. He thought he had plenty of time to grab food before his first class. He ran to the cafeteria and grabbed a handful of bacon.

He ignored the lunch lady's protest as he ran to his first class. He about fell as he tried to run into the door. He sat at his desk as he opened his sketch pad and drew a wolf doodle. He folded the paper into a airplane and threw it.

He smiled as he thought about the plane. His smile faded quickly as he thought about Lucy. He put his sketch pad away and waited for his buddy to come in. He hated that he had dyslexia and autism cause it made sitting still in class hard.

He pulled out a fidget spinner and made it spin as fast it could. He cursed for a while as he dropped the spinner on his toe. He looked up and the bell rang for the start of class.
Finnian McCray (played by PastelGalaxy)

By the time the buses had started to arrive Finn had been at the school for nearly an hour, his feet stretched out in front of him as he rested his weary legs. With a groan he stood, the joints of his knees and ankles popping in protest with the effort. He always waited for his friends to arrive, the only people that really accepted him though he usually still felt like an outcast.

Seeing them brought a rare smile to his face and he made his way over slowly, hands shoved deep down into his pockets. He got along well with them all but he felt he had a sort of connection with one in particular. Sarah. He knew about her mom, a few people did, and his mom was the same way so in his mind they sort of understood each other. She didn't talk often, actually never did, but he didn't mind. He wasn't a bit taller himself anyway.

"Hi guys... Sarah." He smiled at everyone with a slight nod at the masked girl, trying to catch her eyes but as usual they were buried in her mysterious book. Oh well, her just try and get her to talk some other time.
I looked at my watch as I entered the building then I headed to the office to get something from the secretary. I grabbed what she held to me and placed in inside my backpocket and nodded to her. I turned to leave before she said my name again and I glanced back at her. She quickly fell silent, then motion me to go. I shrugged then I headed out to the hallways.

I glanced at everyone who was walking in between the hallways and honestly, I hated it. I had to deal with it, but man I don't like it when it gets this crowded almost every morning. It's just... no. I'd rather not be this packed thanks. I glanced at the classroom door then I went in and looked at everyone here.

"...Hello everyone." I said calmly then I went ahead and sat where I usually sit. I fist bumped Flynn on my way there and chuckled at him. Then as I sat, I also bent over, grabbed the fidget spinner under Flynn, then handed it to him. I placed my bookbag next to my leg then leaned back on my seat.
Sarah Lotonati (played anonymously)

Sarah looked up from her notebook when she heard her name. She shut it and lowered it from her face, doing a small salute-like sign that usually either meant hello or goodbye. And I'm this case, it was probably safe to assume that she had meant hello.

She quickly out the book in her bag so he wouldn't question it and so she wouldn't seem rude and get the urge to open it. She watched Flynn rush off with a blank stare before looking back up at Finnian. It was near to impossible to ever tell how she felt, since her gaze was always blank and half of her face was always covered.

She pointed in the direction that Flynn had gone, as it to say that they should get going as well before they're late. She obviously wasn't going to force him anywhere, but she thought she'd mention it either way. After a minute she lowered her hand and looked straight at him again.
Flynn Auburn (played by Tink)

He put the spinner in his backpack and streched his arms. "Why is school so...... boring?" He asked his usual question with a slight smile. "I mean I know we need it but..... still boring.... and impossible to stay still for."

His mixture of dyslexia and autism made it so hard to do simple things like sit and take test, do what hes told, and sometimes read if his mind doesn't want to. He pulled his songbook and joted down a few words. He shoved the book back into his bag before anyone could see what he wrote.

He pulled out the fidget spinner again and spun it. He smiled thinking of what he was going to do the second he got home. He looked around, "Sarah and Finn are gonna be late if they dont hurry...."

(Sorry it's so short I'm in a rush right now we had to go to the hospital last night and we are just now leaving the area)
Finnian McCray (played by PastelGalaxy)

Finn's gray eyes followed to where Sarah's finger pointed, coming to a stop on the doors of the school. Oh, right. "Yeah, I guess we should go." he grumbles softly and begins to walk towards the building, his face downturned towards the pavement and hands in jeans pockets. It only took a few seconds before he reaches the door and opens it, the cool metal handle sliding out of his hands as he passes through into the noisy atmosphere.

Most of his classmates didn't pay attention to Finn. They just flat out ignored him and continued to do their own thing. But of course there were the special few who were known as the bullies that couldn't help but pester and jeer. And today wasn't any different. "Hey druggie kid, how the mother? High to the stars, I'll bet." The words burned a hole into his chest, anger beginning to crawl it's way through his body. Nobody talked about his mom that way even if what they said was true. Keeping that anger from emitting from his body was impossible and Finn whirled, taking the bully's shirt in both hands, slamming him against the nearest wall. "Shut it, asshole. Another word and I'll pound your goddamn face in, I swear." His normally gray eyes had flicked over to a deep green, the anger smoldering behind them as he bully only smiled, raising his hands as if in surrender, only irritating Finn more. But he let him go and whirled again, stalking quickly to class.

Most people were already in their seats when he sulked in, roughly pulling his chair in the farthest row back out so the legs scraped the ground, earning a few headturns. But interest is soon lost and they turn back around, forgetting the moody kid in the back.

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