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so i'm new here and have no clue how this place works.
so say you wanted to get the html coding for a character so you could share it with friends.
do you need to be an epic to do that?
Kim Site Admin

I don't understand what you're asking. Why would you need the html coding to show your friends your character?
so, i'm on this other website and i've seen a bunch of other people have html coding to their rp characters made with rp repository. i have no clue how to do that, and i'm too shy to ask them, which is why i am asking the wonderful world of rpr because some have been here much longer than i have.
You might be referring to custom CSS layouts. (Check my character West to see if this is the m what you mean)

To create / use custom CSS is a feature for epic members (the paid subscription). However if you and your friend are both epic members you are able to share your layouts with them. You can list specific usernames or make your layouts available for all Epic members.

On RPR, the character's profile formatting is coded using BBcode, which is a more forum-safe form of HTML (in a way). Templates for profiles, however, are coded using CSS and you do need to be an epic member to do that.

But, in regard to what I think you're asking, I just used the <iframe> tag when I had my characters up on HiH, but you can also get links and little boxes for your characters by:
Going to "Dashboard" > selecting the pencil next to the character of choice > select "link to [your character]"

It should bring you to a page with what I think you're looking for. If you meant to have the actual webpage itself displayed on HiH, then I would use the <iframe> tag. ^_^

Hope this helps!
hey, tisonlychaos
i think that is what i am talking about, thank you so much!

Claine, thanks so much for the advice!

both of you and kim, thanks for the help, i think i get it now!

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