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hey! I don't think Kudos should be two pages or anything, but it's always pretty hard for me to express what I love about someone with only 500 characters. maybe 1000 characters or so? I don't know which character limit would work the best and maybe I'm the only one struggling with the current limit, but I think having a little more space to compliment people would be nice :0
I agree a little more space would be nice but as of right now I personally usually just leave two kudos and number them so the person knows they're parts of the same kudo. ^-^
1000 might be too long, how about 800?
I back this up yes please.
I’ve found my kudos be limited by about a sentence, so 600-700 would be ideal for me. It’s not that big of deal, just takes a bit of time to edit my sentences to make it fit and to say all I wish to say.
Yeah, no big deal, but yeah, I agree it would be cool. I often have to sacrifice proper punctuation because I just have to say one more thing. But then again, I do wonder (about myself) if it would be that way even with more characters available.

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