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So, I know that group epicness gives a huge amount of freedom to groups out there, but one thing I did notice was that we cap out at 50 max pages. I would really love for RPR 2.0 to have group epicness make it to 75 or boldly going as far as 100. I know there aren't a lot of groups on RPR that are as huge as Tam'nyer--a' is getting, but running out of pages and widgets getting maxed out is pretty insane on our end. ^_^ We love RPR and we love the format of RPR entirely, so hopefully, with fingers crossed, RPR 2.0 can bring a big amount of great changes for groups.
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Conveniently, this is a thing you can already do! The Page Torn from a Magic Book and Book of Blank Page items are useable on groups as well as users, so you can increase your page caps that way.

Info about Group Epicness is here, and here's the Group section of the item store. :)
50 pages is the max amount of pages that can be added to a group. While our group says we have 51 available, we can only use 50 of those 51. Groups completely max out at 50 pages. :) We can no longer add pages after 50 as drop down menus cap out at 9 each. We have paid for epicness and over 50 pages.

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