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So I've recently got into making...templates. And...I need more practise. Sooooooooo....

Not first come first serve basis. I'll chose ones that... Well, I want to do. ^^;
  • Remember; templates can only be used by epic members :)
  • Uh....
Main Theme Ideas

+A specific mental illness (depression, schizophrenia)
Form wrote:
Character Name:
Main Theme:
Colour Range(s):
(Optional) Any extra requirements?

Imma only chose 5 people fur now.

In Progress:

  • Riley Linden
  • Vanessa Elle Burke


wait for real? Wow Static you're amazing! Id love one if possible!

Character Name: Alice Veronica Lafey
Main Theme: Innocence, Illness, unhappiness
Colour Range(s): White and shades of greys
(Optional) Any extra requirements? Not that I can think of.

In case Alice isnt for you here's an alternative:

Character Name: Riley Linden
Main Theme: Gaming/ Game developer
Colour Range(s): Any colors would work really.
(Optional) Any extra requirements? A template that really reflects her status as an indie game developer, her current template is lovely of course but I feel its not best suited for her.

Again this is super nice of you so thanks :)
Character Name: Vanessa Elle Burke

Main Theme: Broken Love, Desperation

Colors: Dark pinks and purples and possible shades of gray.

Etc: I can add her profile link here if you want some references?

Edit: Super Nice of you Static! And I do have an oil of epicness rn, but its not yet equipped!
Leilani Akela Robins (played by 8_Stars_8)

And if she doesn't suit your fancy, then I have Leilani Akela Robinson.

Main Theme: Hawaii, Pacific Islander, Hawaiian Flower

Colors: Light, tropical colors, kind of pastel. Not super bright.
Character Name: Somniari Fallon

Main Theme: Sunshiney and warm, summer, sunflowers, smiley faces, paint...

Colour Range(s): Warm colors, lots of yellow, pure and happy colors

(Optional) Any extra requirements?
A flowing script font or maybe something smooth, something like...soft, gentle...
Oh yeah, mobile friendly please?

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