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Please tell me someone else wants to RP this! I know there are MHA groups so I can't be the only one, but none of them are active. T_T
I definitely want to role play this! I did notice that there are groups but group role play is not really my cup of tea. I prefer 1-on-1 role plays. If you'd like, we can start an MHA role play. :)
Oh, I'm actually the opposite! x.x
I love group RPs because they're what I'm used to. 1x1s make me feel a bit awkward because I have trouble RPing alone with someone until I get to know them.
Oh no, it's all good! Sorry for asking. I hope you find what you're looking for.
Yes, yes and a thousand times yes! I would be totally game for a MHA roleplay, especially a group one. I'm mostly interested in running it with OCs though, since I have a couple of character concepts I'd like to try out.

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