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I tend to do a lot of rps through pm, and I've noticed that there is a time limit on how long you have to edit.

I take for granted just about every forum I've been on where that is no issue—you edit the post, the post has a new "edited timestamp." (I've even seen forums where you can look at the pre-edit version still.)

For me, and I'm sure others, I tend to not find a portion of my typos, even after rereading multiple times, until a later date. Also, if I have to make any alterations to my post for my partner, by the time I am aware of it, the timeframe for editing a pm has expired.
That’s why I tend to use the ‘preview’ function a lot, especially for PMs.

Even so, I’ve been on my phone and banged out atrocious typos in pm and sent without proofreading on occasion and look back and wonder what it was I actually said.
I also use preview, and I always miss typos. My brain read them correctly for days. If I can only edit my post, lets say 30 min, after posting and my partner tells me an hour later that something doesn't fit, preview won't solve it.

And then I'm trapped with a random segment that doesn't fit and it hurts my soul.
Yeah, I'd be curious to know the reason for the edit time limit window -- on one hand I think it keeps me from overly obsessing after a while (I often go back through and add things that I just thought of 2 minutes after I sent the response, then think of something else, then something else, then something else lol.) But I can definitely see why it would be neat to have an unlimited editing time window like in forums. I would second the suggestion. But there may a reason for it's existence (other than OCD tendencies lol) that's not occuring to me, or that I don't know because I don't know very much about programming.
Well some reasons are simply safety and security.
For this reason there is likely no chance Kim will be changing this.
The 15 minute window is actually a fairly recent feature. Back in the day, you couldn't edit a PM at all.
Here are some of Kim's posts on the topic.

However, you may be interested to hear about the Simplified Groups which are being discussed for the RPR overhaul, which will solve this and many other problems with PM RPs.
Kim Site Admin

From the news post that announced that PM editing had been added:
I've always mentally modeled PMs after emails or letters, where once you send it, it belongs to the person who received it. They can then keep it, refer back to it later, treasure it or discard it as they see fit. It becomes something privately sent, rather than publicly performed. This is one of the ways I distinguish forums and private messages.

That said, I also understand that if you're going to send something that might become a keepsake, it's disheartening when you realize moments after it's too late that there's a glaring mistake in the middle of that message! So I'm trying to balance the keepsake idea with people's thirst to have typo free messages, by allowing edits to private messages for 15 minutes after sending.

Safety and security is not a big consideration in this area, because edits are saved. So if someone were to send you a nasty PM and then edit it so you "couldn't report them," I can still go and look up what the original message was.

Edit: Claine beat me to it! Some of the links she posted are even more clear about my thoughts on this. :)
Alrighty! Thank you all so much for the information. It's moderately frustrating for me to not be able to edit, but it won't kill me. And maybe ine day the new features will get implemented.
Ahhh...thanks for explaining. It makes sense now.
Yeah, it makes sense. Like an email RP.

I’d love to write more public RP here but it seems most are uncomfortable doing it. I usually take the over pg13 bits to PM leaving it as a ‘fade to the next scene afterwards’ publicly. Anyway, I digress.... just be careful before sending, and maybe use word or some program to spellcheck? It isn’t 100% but it fuels get the typos. Just need to check wording.

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