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The sound of heels echoed through the palace corridor. A petite, beautiful young girl stood tall as she walked down the hall toward her parents thrown room. This was Adelaide Delany. A girl standing about 5'5". Her chocolate locks cascaded over her shoulder in soft waves. Her eyes were as blue as the clear sky, and they could see all. Beside her, standing a few inches taller and looking around the age of 25, was a young maid. Her hair was black as the night and reached down to her chest in waves. Pale blues eyes seemed bored, like she was unaffected by Adelaide's cruel ways. Her dress showed how she ranked among the other servants - high. She was Adelaide's personal maid and only friend, Tanya.

Adelaide kept her head high and her lips pursed as she stepped into the thrown room. Tanya following suit. She stepped up an inclined platform and sat down in her fathers thrown. Tanya placed a small golden crown on her head as Adelaide looked down at the guard. He was on one knee, his head bent in respect. "Speak," Adelaide demanded. The guard looked up slowly, "Your highness, a prisoner has been captured from the rebel army. A valuable one. The leader's son, The one they call The prince of Rebels." He spoke strong, in a gruff voice.
"Yes? And what do you want ME to do about it?" She responded, obviously uninterested in the news.
"He has been taken to the palace dungeon, ma-am. Is there anything you would like us to do with him?" The guard asked.
Adelaide crossed her legs and rested her chin on the back of her hand. She contemplated this for a moment. "Bring him to me."

With that, the guard nodded and stood. He bowed once more before turning and heading out of the throne room to fetch the rebel prince. A sadistic smirk found its way to Adelaide's rose lips. Tanya stepped up and bowed her head softly. "Miss, may I ask what you plan to do with this boy?" Tanya asked in a soft but calm voice.
"Tanya..." She said looking to her maid, "You are the only one I trust in this entire kingdom, I would think you would know that answer by now." Tanya stared at Adelaide's eyes for a moment before nodding and turning back to face the large thrown room. "Yes. I suppose you are right, miss." She responded.

A dark chuckle swept through the room like a cold breeze. The guards standing at the entrance door in front of the entire thrown room, turned their heads. It was clear they were wondering what poor soul was going to be placed under her fist this time. Adelaide was about to gain another victim. And this time, she planned to heed no mercy towards him.
Exavier (played by ALTY_Heave)

Exavier was pacing..just pacing and pacing, back and forth in the dungeon. It was obvious he was worried and quite nervous for his own family. It wasn't odd for him to mutter to himself escape plans when he got captured, so naturally, he was doing that.
Although the rebel seemed calm and composed, he wasn't. If you looked closely, you could see his hands trembling with fear.

Exavier was a fair young man, yet he had scars all over his body probably from all the risks he would take for others. He almost died multiple times...but there's a reason he's becoming known as the Prince of the Rebels, of course. A prince would care for his people, and this rebel actually did. You probably wouldn't even expect him to care.

Exavier, soon stopping in his tracks, grabbed onto the bars and yanked on them in anger. What else was he going to do? He then spotted a guard coming in his direction. He then said in a soft manner with a slight growl, "W-What do you want?" He was quite obviously not pleased with the presence of the guard.
From down the hall of the cell, Exavier could hear the chatter of guards. A couple of almost nervous chuckles echo'd against the stone walls before a whistle that could only translate to, daaamn, pierced the air. Two guards made their way down the hall toward Exavier's cell. One was the usual jailer, a ring of keys tucked up under her breast plate and a pair of shackles in his hands. The other was a taller man but he wore the same armor.

The jailer pointed to the floor, "Get on your knees. We're putting shackles on you. No funny business." They didn't wait for him to follow directions, however. The jailer opened the cell carefully and grasped at Exavier's wrists, forcefully yanking them behind his back to get the shackles on him. The taller guard snickered as he stood in the entryway to be sure there wouldn't be any attempts at escape, "Hoo boy. The Princess wants to see you. You're in for a rough time buddy."

The Jailer snickered at his buddy's comment as the shackles clicked onto Exavier's wrists. The jailer gave a hard shove to the mans back, pushing him into the other guard who grasped his bicep and started pulling him back down the hall. "You'll want to be on your best behavior. Our dear princess isn't like the gentle flowers you read in fairytales," The guard muttered.

The guard led Exavier down a couple dark winding halls of the castle until they reached two large, walnut doors. They creaked open slowly allowed the two to enter. Inside, Adelaide lounged in her father's throne, her legs strung over one of the arms as her head dangled over the other. Her long locks cascaded toward the floor as she stared up at the ceiling with her deep blue eyes. The hues of color rolled up to look at her maid. Tanya looked down at her with a soft smile. "Yes, your majesty?" She asked softly. The princess gave an innocent smile and a thoughtful blink before answering, "Oh, nothing, Tanya." She stated before turning to see who was entering the hall.

Adelaide turned her head slightly to look at the guard dragging in the so called, rebel "Prince". She rose a brow before sitting up and flinging her hair over her shoulder. "What pile of trash have you brought to me?" She spoke, standing to her feet, "I thought you were bringing me a rebel prince. Not a disgraceful rat." Adelaide turned to look at Tanya and muttered something to her friend. Tanya nodded and left the room using one of the side doors. Adelaide turned her attention back to the trash before her. "Really, you couldn't have cleaned it up before bring it before me? A woman as pure as I should not be present such filth." A sigh escaped her lips before flicking her hair over her shoulder once again. "No matter, force him to kneel."
Exavier (played by ALTY_Heave)

Exavier continued to stand. His arms hurt from the shackles being forced onto his arms. He growled at the princess, staring up at her with mischievous yet calm eyes. "You expect me to look perfect after being at war..?" He laughed it off to himself before one guard put their foot on his back, pushing him down on one knee. He rolled his eyes, muttering, "Great..this is just great..."

He looked around the room, basically ignoring the princess's presence. He noticed that the few servants that were in there had scurried away dude to knowing the wrath of the princess. Looking back up at her, he said with a groan, "What exactly do you want from me, hm? Do you want a rat? Hm? You already called me a damn rat, so might as well let me go...since I'm disgusting." He chuckled it off to himself while smirking up at the princess, his eyes not as calm as they were. The shackles were really getting to him now. They hurt more than he ever thought they could hurt.
The guard sighed softly after forcing Exavier to the ground. This kid didn't listen very well. Being on your best behavior meant not saying a damn word unless you were asked to speak. He tried to give him some advice.

Tanya returned from the side passage she had left from, a black riding crop resting in her palms. She presented the item to Adelaide with a quiet, "Miss." Adelaide thanked her - the only person she ever thanked - and took the crop. As soon as it was in her hand, she turned on her heel and whipped the end of it across Exavier's face. A couple people watching flinched at the blow, happy that it wasn't them on the other end.

"No manners, either," She spoke, bluntly, "You will only speak when asked to speak. Understand?

Adelaide started to circle the male, eyeing him like prey. She snapped the crop on his back, forcing him to kneel at attention. "Strong back..." She muttered. She smacked the crop against one of the guard's arms and nodded toward the prisoner's arm. The guard lifted the arm. "Strong arms as well."

Adelaide returned to the front and snapped her fingers at Tanya. Tanya stepped down and pulled out a white glove from her apron. Adelaide pulled the glove on and bent down so her face was only inches from the "Prince". She took his chin in her fingers and forced his head to move from side to side. "Strong facial structure. But this Rat's nest must be tamed." A smile seemed to worm it's way across Adelaide's lips, "He'll do, I suppose. He'll have to learn his place, though." She stood back up and pulled the glove off like it had been contaminated with the plague. She handed it back to Tanya, then took the cropped and tapped it on the male's cheek.

"How does it feel, little rat," She said, the crop sliding under his chin, "To know that you are becoming my new personal slave?"
Exavier (played by ALTY_Heave)

"Wha-" He stared her down with unfriendly eyes, him definitely not being happy with her touching him. Me? Your personal slave? Why the hell would you choose me?! He really was confused, knowing how hard he was to work with..although he really had no choice since she could kill him anytime she wanted to. "This is bizarre! Over everyone you choose in the dungeon, you choose the person who will most likely ignore you?"

He raised an eyebrow as he slowly began to calm himself down, lowering himself into an actual kneeling position as he bowed to her. He quite obviously didn't want to do it, but again, he wanted to keep his life. He really wanted to cuss her out and knee the guard to escape, but he couldn't. He was stuck with her, and he knew it. He knew his life would probably become a living hell.
Adelaide ignored his questions and protest, mostly. She leaned back, slowly tapping the crop in her hand. "I will have fun breaking you, rat," She said, "Your confidence is quite amusing but that's all it is. It won't get you very fall in these walls." Even though most everyone was treated badly around here, Adelaide did have some respect to rank. She treated the maids and butlers differently than she did the servants. And she certainly treated the Slaves much differently than the servants. That is one reason most of the slaves simply begged for death before working for her. Adelaide would happily give her their wish.

Adelaide turned to Tanya with a smile and handed her the crop."Tanya, my dear, please take this rat to the other maids and have him washed and dressed in a pair of black slacks and a dress shirt. See if you can make him look slightly decent." She looked over her shoulder and scoffed, "Although, I see that to be impossible." With that, Adelaide flicked her hair over her shoulder and started walking toward one of the side doors. "Bring him to my study once you are finished. Thank you."

Adelaide stepped out of the room and left Tanya and the male to do as they were told. Tanya stepped over to the guard and smiled a soft smile. "You may leave. I can take care of him myself, thank you." She spoke softly. The guard looked at her with some concern, "Are you sure, Miss Tanya?"
"Yes, I'm positive. Thank you." The guard nodded lightly before passing her the key to the shackle, which she promptly stored in pocket on the front of shirt. Her soft blue eyes looked down at the black haired male with a gentle smile. She placed a dainty hand around his bicep to help him up. "Please follow me, sir," She said begin to lead him through the door she had left through earlier, "And may I ask your name? I must apologize for my mistress. She never used to be like this. Though, I would recommend following orders to the best of your ability, it would be for the best if you don't want anything like-" She pointed to the brightening red mark on his cheek from when she had cracked the crop against his face, "that to happen again. That is gentle punishment for her."
Exavier (played by ALTY_Heave)

Exavier followed her reluctantly, trying not to jerk so much as to make it seem like he was trying to get away. He looked at the woman with a frown, wondering why she was being so gentle. As she spoke, he looked back at her and shook his head, "I'm Exavier..Ma'am-" He cleared his throat and smiled slightly, obviously acting differently to her since she was..a bit nicer. "Are you usually this..gentle to the servants, or something..?"

He raised an eyebrow and stared at her, seeming a bit skeptical. "Are you going to dress me? Could I please dress myself?" He crossed his arms and sighed. He found all of this really suspicious, and he was willing to ask as many questions as he possibly could to get the answers he needed. He wasn't going to stop for long.
Tanya chuckled at the man's comment on her gentleness, "I assure you, Mr. Exavier, the folks within this castle are not all as rough as the Princess and her guard." Many of the servants, maids, and butlers were only here because they had to be. Some had no where else to go, and while not a happy time to live her, they got food and shelter as long as they worked here. Many of the maid and butlers got fairly good wages from working here, as well, and had families to feed.

Tanya led the 'prince' to the maid's quarters where a small group of maids were on their off time. There were a few around Tanya's age and a few that were older and looked more motherly. Those were the Maid Mothers. The women who took after the other maids, however, they all answered under Tanya, who was head. She looked up at Elros was a nervous smile. "I'm afraid I you can't do that, sir. I apologize. I have my orders from the Princess and I must follow them." She said. Tanya stepped forward into the room of ladies and clapped her hands. They all looked up and stood to their feet.

"Good afternoon, ladies. I'd like to introduce you to Mr. Exavier. He has been chosen by Princess Adelaide to become her personal servant. I need you to wash him down and dress him into a pair of black slacks, a white button up and black bow-tie, as well as put a pair of butler shoe's on him." She ordered. The younger girls seemed to give each other passing glances of glee and giggled, knowing each other's though. The two older maids in the room stepped forward and took Exavier by the arm and led him into the middle of the room.

Two younger maids dragged in a tub of warmed water from the bath house and a few rags that were handed out to the others. Giggles and laughs were shared as they washed Exavier down with the warm water. Tanya worked with the two Maid Mothers to choose out clothes that would fit the tall male. Once they found the right clothes, they were handed to the group of giggling maids and forced onto Exavier. One of the maid mother's sat him down and tied the bow tie around his neck.
Exavier (played by ALTY_Heave)

Exavier stared at them all with his natural cold stare. He was confused as of why they were giggling, and he didn't know why he couldn't bathe and dress himself. But he just went with it! The Male knew that if he didn't, he would be punished. He barely knew the princess, but he definitely knew her cruelty. Everyone did. As the bowtie was tied around his neck, he looked at one of the Maid Mothers and asked, "Why are they giggling..?" He raised an eyebrow.

The 'prince' just constantly looked back at the giggling maids. He growled at them quietly, brushing the hair out of his eye and showcasing the two different colors of them. He cleared his throat, his cold stare soon turning blank. The girls were..pretty much annoying him. I mean, who wouldn't be annoyed? This 'prince' thought that they were just laughing at his height or his hair, yet he couldn't put his finger on it.
Tanya giggled at his question. She thought it was pretty obvious, but she knew each maid individually - that was her job. They were bathing him and getting to play dress up with a new face. For young women who rarely got to do much of anything other than clean and cook - it was exciting. Especially when the new face was cute. Tanya stepped over to Exavier and whispered, her hand raised to hide her lips, "Isn't it obvious? They think you're cute," She said with a soft chuckle.

She adjusted herself before speaking out loud again, "I apologize for the chaos. The younger maids need a little more training in...Refinement." She turned her head to the group of maids, emphasizing the word, then turned away and focused on Exavier. The other maids, with little smirks, went back to their duties. She gave Exavier another warm smile before stepping toward the door. "If you would follow me, I have to lead you to Miss Adelaide's study." She said softly. As they left, the maids waved and yelled a flirty good-bye, followed by another group giggle.

Tanya led Exavier to a long corridor, lined with tapestries that hung from the wall. At the end of the corridor, two large wooden doors stood. They weren't as big as the one's in the throne room, but they were a good size. Above the door, a silver plate read "STUDY". Tanya pushed open the doors and allowed Exavier to walk in. She told him to stand by the doors while she went to talk with Adelaide.

The study was a large, two story room. On the bottom floor, when you walked in, there was a large decorative rug sitting on the stone floor. In the middle were two coffee tables, surround by four love seats. To both sides were shelves and shelves of book. Toward the back were two spiraling stair cases that led up to the second floor which was just shelves of books. Nothing more. They were all real books, too, nothing fake. Some were journals, but most were printed and readable books. At the end of the rug was a large desk. Adelaide was sitting there, scribbling something in a medium sized black book with a feather pen.

Tanya stepped forward and whispered something into Adelaide's ear. Adelaide made a face and looked up at her new servant. Her blue eyes looked across the room at the "prince". "Step forward," She called. Tanya stepped back and stood beside the desk, as a good maid should. "Exavier, is your name? How hideous." Adelaide said flatly, "Either way, Rat, I want you to take a duster and dust all these shelves and books. I don't want to see ONE book out of place or ruined. They cost more than your very existence. If I find that they were replaced incorrectly or damaged you will be lashed." Tanya pulled out a feather duster from behind her back and held it out to Exavier.
Exavier (played by ALTY_Heave)

Exavier was a bit flattered as he knew the maids thought he was cute..I mean, he had never been called cute! But as he was led to the study, he slowly became nervous. The princess pretty much made everyone nervous, anyways. He still didn't know why he was picked and why she even acknowledged his existence, but he just went with it whether he wanted to or not.

He stepped up to her and listened to her orders with a nod before replying, "Yes, Ma' could at least call me by something else than 'rat.' It's quite honestly annoying, Princess.." he said plainly, grabbing the duster and beginning to dust off the first floor shelves before going to the second floor. A slight hum left his lips as he cleaned, it calming him a bit. It was basically him making sure he didn't cuss the princess out or anything. He'd rather not get whipped today.
If he continued to speak with her that way, he was certainly going to be flogged.

Adelaide's face turned red at his words. Her shoulders tensed as she stood, slamming the palms of her hands on the wood of the desk in front of her. Tanya shuddered behind her but her face stayed stoic. She did, however, look up at Exavier with eyes that could only read, 'You messed up.'

"RAT!" She emphasized this word, as she yelled to him, "Get back here."

Adelaide would not stand for a servant to speak back to her like that. She would call whoever whatever she wanted. That was her right as Princess and current ruler. She didn't care if it annoyed the other person. If they raised their voice at her, they would get flogged and, god forbid, they raised their fist to her... instant death sentence.
Exavier (played by ALTY_Heave)

Exavier smirked a bit. Whether or not he could actually die, he loved messing with people in general..even the princess who's known for her wrath. He waltzed down the stairs and towards her, bowing to her as his smirk showed a bit more. "Yes, Your Highness..? You called?" He looked up at her.

Exavier obviously wasn't going to work kindly around her. He was scared, yes..but he wasn't going to back down. He wanted to annoy the hell out of her until he got the death sentence. He was going to enjoy his life until the last second. Then..he pouted...he pouted very playfully. "Are you going to kill me..?" Something tells me that getting the so-called 'Rebel Prince' to be your personal servant wasn't such a good idea.
The moment the words left his mouth, the back of Adelaide's gloved hand made contact with his cheek. She was fuming. She stepped forward and jabbed a finger into his chest, "You will not speak unless asked to speak. Unless I give you express permission to say anything, your mouth will remain shut lest I sew it shut." She took a step back and gently caressing the back of her hand, "The only words that are allowed out of your mouth at anytime are "Yes, madame." Do you understand me? Nod."

Adelaide barely waited to see a nod before returning to her desk. She looked up at Tanya who looked almost sympathetic for Exavier. He was going to have a hard time if he continue to act up. If he wanted any chance of release, getting on Adelaide's good side was going to be the only way. "Tanya, please call for Gabriel. I'd like him to accompany Exavier where-ever he goes. Send in a guard to replace your absence in the mean-time." She said. Tanya opened her mouth, almost looking like she was going to protest, but closed it as quickly as it opened and nodded.

Tanya walked past Exavier, shaking her head, and left the study. She would return soon enough. Almost as quickly as she left, a guard entered and took his place beside Adelaide, looking strong and stoic. He did not speak. Adelaide looked to Exavier as she sat and shooed her hand at him, "You have a job to complete."
Exavier (played by ALTY_Heave)

Exavier rubbed his cheek. He had no desire to get on her good side, although he didn't want to be slapped he just nodded and said, "Yes, Madame..." He rushed back upstairs and continued to hum and dust off the shelves. He constantly looked down at her with a snarl. He was ready to get out of this place, but he had no idea if he would ever be able to.

He soon finished dusting them and making sure everything was in its place. He sighed, walking down the steps and standing in front of Adelaide, bowing to her. "I..finished. I would like to know my next task, please." He was hoping he wouldn't get slapped by such a simple remark, and he wasn't even expecting it anyways.

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