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Hey there guys! I'm noodle. I've been an active roleplayer for about five years now, and am looking for new long term 1x1s!

-Post at least once a week, more often if possible. I am a patient person, and I understand if you have to go for a while, but please...keep me posted. Don't just leave me hanging and go away for two weeks without warning. I'd like an idea of how often you can post, if possible, as I get anxious sometimes and tend to overthink.
-Communication is key, folks! We don't have to talk about our lives if you don't want, but at least keep me up to date OOC on if anything's changed or you'd like me to edit. I'll do the same for you, of course.
-Be an adept, flexible writer. I'd prefer the opening posts to be 8+ good and descriptive paragraphs each, and I hold the same standard for exciting parts. In dialouge heavy bits I understand that it would be hard to keep going with that- therefore, a two-paragraph minimum is in place. I will match your posts, and I ask that you do the same.
-Grammar and spelling are important to me. I understand if you make typos every now and then (I roleplay on mobile most of the time, so I understand that autocorrect can ruin your life sometimes), but please don't make it hard to read or understand.
-I prefer MxF with myself as the female, since it's what I'm most familiar with, and will only do romance in an MxF pairing. I will do platonic FxF. MAYBE MxM, but most likely not.
-If romance ends up being a thing, I would prefer it to be a slow burn, and realistically developed.
-Talk to me! You're stuck? I can help. You need a break? Okay, cool. Just keep in touch.
-These plots and pairings will likely be medieval low fantasy, sci-fi, dystopian, or modern. I don't do slice of life.
-Most of these will involve swearing, blood, side character death, and conflict between our characters.
-Third person, past tense only.
-I'm not comfortable with demons or anything involving demons, or heavy magic. Nor will I be doing any kind of smutty roleplaying. Romance is cool, though, as long as we keep it out of the bedroom (or at least ftb if they're gonna do the do).
-I would prefer a PM RP, but I'm good with public threads too if that's what you want to do (is that how this site works? Still figuring it out.) I recently got Discord, but I rarely check it and I want to roleplay on-site.
-PM me or post here if you're interested!

Now, onto the fun stuff!

Bold=my role

Dragon's Folly

Option one:

You, dear reader, would play as a human warrior prince. Or a recently crowned king, doesn't matter. He would be the ruler of a barbaric nation that has been ravaging nearby kingdoms for years. Their reasoning? Resources. As they grow, their need does too- and anyone who gets in their way is swiftly and unmercifully crushed. Everything else about your character is up to you, though I would prefer if he were a bit cold to mine for a while, borderline cruel even. You'll see why in a minute.

I will be playing as a dragon-human hybrid. Nothing too strange- she'll have wings, a tail, and the ability to create fire, but nothing much else. She will be an heiress to the throne of her small kingdom of Syrinn (which is filled with her species)- which happens to be next on the list of your character's nation.

They don't submit, and war begins. But despite the hybrid's strong will and strong abilities, the humans' numbers are just too much and they are swamped.

Your character could win the war. MC would then be the lone escapee and be caught by yours either stealing from the castle or from a border post. I would prefer your character to catch and fight her himself. He wins, but...he doesn't kill her. After that, several new possibilities open up. Adventures together, fighting, her bartering for freedom....all sorts of options. I have more ideas for the endgame if anyone ends up being interested. (This could also go in an Arranged Marriage direction).

Option Two:

Alternatively, you can play as a prince from another kingdom that Syrinn's conquerers took over. Human, another mythical hybrid...we can discuss that if you're interested in this plot line. Anyway, he and MC would both end up being one of the few survivors of their people and meet while on the run...after bonding over shared trauma, they'd search for the scattered remnants of their people and others, and start a revolution against the barbarians.

Option Three:

This is one of the few plots where I'd be willing to play a male for your female character. My character would be the crown prince of Syrinn, and yours the princess of the barbarian kingdom. While the war rages on, MC, desperate for peace, kidnaps YC to gain leverage over her parents and have a bargaining chip for peace.

Justice Is a Funny Thing

New Hero x Former Villain

Imagine this: MC, a former big-time supervillain in a Marvel-esque world, has realized just what she's been doing for these past years. She has been trying to redeem herself and lay low, attempting to live a normal life. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be possible. YC, an up-and-coming hero, knows the truth behind the faked death and has been hunting her down, narrowing her hiding places down until he finds her. His goal? Lock her away once and for all.

There are no second chances for murderers.

At least...that's what he thought.

Inspired by this post: 29cc329560bd8f54cec13ca764d549bf.jpg

The Future is Now

Historical Figure x Modern Girl

What would you do if a guy dressed in old-timey clothing just walked into your living room?

Punch him?

MC would agree. YC? Well....perhaps he doesn't. He does quite like his face.

This plot is set in modern-day Earth (location depends on who your character is). MC is an up-and-coming college student who comes home one day to find a dazed-looking historical figure in her living room. YC's background is totally up to you- you don't have to play as anyone actually named if you don't want- pick a time period, pick a place, and make him at least semi-important to where he's from.

Shenanigans will ensue.

Running is Not a Cowardly Act

Bounty Hunter x Escaped Experiment

It is the year 3026. Space has been conquered. Earth is nothing but a shattered nuclear wasteland, home only to big-time criminals and illegal experimental facilities, where people are kept and experimented on in inhumane ways.

My character is one such experiment- a human brain inside a metal shell- a once-human torn away from her own body and placed in an artificial one.

Your character is a bounty hunter.

My character escapes the facility and makes a run for it, smuggling herself in an outgoing supply ship, and finds herself on a world she's never seen before. Your character has been tasked with finding her and bringing her any cost.

But when he realizes that this young woman is much more than just a robot, as he was told, how will he react?

Roles I want to play are in bold. If there is no bold, I'm willing to play either. All of these are M x F, but if you have a convincing argument I'll change. If a * is next to one it means I have a basic plot idea.

Mideval Low Fantasy
Dragon Hunter x Dragon Tamer*
Thief x Thief
Traveller x Apprentice/Servant
Dragon Hunter x Dragon Shifter* (could also be applied to a modern/superhero setting)

Politician x Homeless Shapeshifter
Hero x Homeless Shapeshifter
Hero x Villain*
Hero x Hero
Villain x Hero*
Police Officer x Vigilante
Scientist (or guard) x Captured Shapeshifter (or mythological creature)

Post-Apocalypse (nuclear fallout, mutated animals and humans, etc.)
Survivor x Survivor
Camp Leader x Scavenger/Thief
Gatherer x Hunter
City Dweller x Nomad
Adventurer x Adventurer
Hunter x Nomad

Bounty Hunter x Cyborg Thief
Survivors of crashed ship
Human x Alien War Leader*

That's all I have for now! Thanks for reading ^.^ I'm looking for multiple partners but only interested in 1x1s.

Details: Freeform, paragraphs required, long-term RP partner preferred. Will be played one-on-one.

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I’d totally be down for playing the female in option 3! :)
Bumping cause I'm still searching!
I'm interested in this. Got a lot to discuss
Hello! I am interested in option 3 of Dragon's Folly, my girl can be human for the plot, but I doubt I will be able to keep up with your post length. I just need help improving but I am not getting any help, maybe you could give me tips and I could ask for help if I get stuck and don't know how to write more than two sentences? If that's too tedious, I understand and won't rp with you.
Still searching!
I would like to do an rp with you.
Searching for people interested in post-apocalyptic stuff!
Hello! I would love to do any sort of post-apocalyptic roleplay you might have in mind, or the Bounty Hunter x Escaped Experiment caught my eye as well. I will probably need to make a couple more characters sometime today to fit these themes a bit better.
I would be interested in either the future is now or some variety of a hero x villain type rp.
Searching for people interested in anything superhero themed!
I'm interested! I really like New Hero x Former Villian, I also like Hero x Homeless Shapeshifter, Hero x Villian, Hero x Hero, and Villian x Hero (Lol I really like superhero RPs). I have a female OC who is in the MCU (she can be a hero or a villian), but the RP doesn't have to be in the MCU. If you want me to play a male, I could make something up. Also, I'm totally fine with writing 2+ paragraphs. And I am most comfortable with MxF. So PM me if you'd like! I like PM RPs better than forum RPs. :)
Bumping! Searching for anything, craving Dragon's Folly.

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