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Fawn Hallah (played by Wolfzone92)

It was a cool, crisp morning way high up in the mountains. Dragons with riders on their backs flew left and right and back and forth. Fawn watched in amazement at how each Rider and their dragon were in complete harmony as they flew together. Fawn sat on the Rocky side of the mountains as she watched. She could see a few people entering the castle that was home for all riders. She walked her horse "Cali" down to the entrance of the castle. As she reached the door of the castle, a man had ran by her in quite a hurry. He ended up bumping into her and causing her to fall. Her armor clanged as she hit the ground. "So sorry miss!" The man shouted as he ran passed, seeing that he knocked her down. The man was running past the castle. Fawn couldn't figure out for the life of her why someone would be in such a hurry. "Rude much" Fawn said to herself under her breath. She got back up off the ground and walked to the door once again. She knocked three times. A small window opened up in the door only showing a man's eyes. "State the name of your business miss" a voice called out. "I saw your riders today. And thought that maybe I could be taught to do that as well?? I know once you complete training you get to have a dragon of your own. I'm a princess from a very far away kingdom. I didn't feel like staying and wanted to travel and seek out new adventures. Could I possibly come in??"

The man shut the window and a few moments later the door opened.

"Welcome to Calvaina, Home of the "Dragon Riders!"

(( This is where your "Character" would be in the story. Maybe their one if the "Riders" or maybe someone who works at the castle. Whatever you come up with will be fine by me!! "Dragon Riders" can be human or creature. I don't mind either way. Message me if you would like to role play this story with me!))

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