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"Hey! Come back here with tha-"

The woman laughed and stared up at the half-naked boy sticking his head out of the window of his house, rolling her eyes. She glanced down at the new object in her hands. A blue jacket, very sporty, very cute. It had looked awful on him the night before, while they were at the club. But she knew it would look sick on her. With one last look at the boy-what was his name again?- She quickly put the jacket on and flipped the boy off, turning away from the house and running down the street, ignoring the yells that followed. She couldn't resist- It was her tradition to get something from her new, temporary toys- A jacket, a picture- Something to remember the night. Her ginger hair blew in her face from the wind, and she huffed in annoyance. But of course, the boy always got angry. She didn't blame them, if a girl just used her for... you know, then take off with an item of theirs, she'd be pissed. But that was her hobby, her little job. She smiled despite her emotions and slowed down, hugging the jacket closer. Her clothes consisted of hers from last night-A revealing tank top, very short-shorts, and leather boots. Her make-up somewhat decent.
She needed a new victim, a new boy. . . maybe even one who would last. The thought hit her suddenly and she stopped in her tracks. Yeah. . . someone who actually could deal with her. Someone who-
Wouldn't bump into her on the street.

Hello! It's been a long, long time since I did an ad, and now it's finally time to start again! I reccomend you look at Merida's profile to get a better see at her personality.

Basically, y/c can bump into her and her getup on the street while she's thinking, and let the story happen! Will you accept her, try to change her personality, get to know her. . .

This RP is mostly drama/romance, and with Merida's personality, maybe even more.

Just PM me if interested! My replies will be a little slow, however. <3

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