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So, it occurred to me, as I was putting up a raffle in support of RPR's bake sale that there's no option to put a custom number for sides of dice that you wish to roll.

While the standard roll set is great, I'm not sure how much more work it would be to have a feature to have a custom max number for dice? Also not sure how much use it'd get, but hey! Just thought I'd toss that out there.
Kim Site Admin

I think that this is a really valid need - I run a bunch of contests per year too, and this would definitely be helpful.

That said, I think it may be an idea we revisit after the initial launch of 2.0 - I've got 91ish days to finish up the basics of the rebuild right now, and am very anxious to not over-promise about what I can actually build in that period of time.

tl;dr: Probably yes but not immediately!
I understand that it's a completely low priority thing!

Thanks for all your hard work with the rebuild, Kim! <3

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