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Quick note:
This is an old old starter from when I used to write in first person. I do not do that anymore and I only write in third, but I didn’t feel like editing the entire starter so I thought I’d just get the point across like this. I’m looking for a literate partner willing to play a male (for a romantic MxF subplot to this) that can write multiple paragraphs for every response. I’d appreciate if you could respond at least once every few days, but I understand if you have off days. (I do too) Anyways, enough with the comments, on with the plot!


Nobody remembers what it was like up there.

It's been too long. We've been down here, underground, for generations. My great-great grandparents couldn't tell you what went on up there even if they wanted to. Because, take it from me - we do not talk about it.

Everyone stays underground - we've grown up, lived, and died here. It's all that will ever will be of our lives. The constant scurry down the tunnels is all that we will contribute to this world, our only mark being the footsteps on the dusty pavement.

Well, that's the extent to which most of us contribute.

A few - an extremely small, selective few - leave legacies behind alongside their footprints. Perhaps their footsteps reside deeper than the dust covered cement, perhaps they lay forth a path for others. They are the ones that are brave, ambitious, curious and crazy enough to go up.

Their insanity doesn't show at the beginning. Perhaps they pay a bit more attention to the myths of "skies" and "sunshine", but they take their food rations, interact with their teachers and execute their drills like everyone else. They have the identical, well-rehearsed polite smile, same gray uniforms and same lack of laughter.

Then as time goes on, you begin to tell them apart.

They aren't as patient, quiet and tolerant as before. They don't conceal their emotions like they're supposed to, kicking the few bits of furniture we still have when frustrated and angry. They complain about their food, their beds, their schedules, their lifestyles. And they ask uncomfortable questions that none of us can answer.

"What are we doing down here?"

"What's it like up there?"

"What is it that we're so afraid of?"

And when no one responds to their questions, they, against the begging of their families and friends, decide to go after the answers themselves.

They never come back.

Skeptics, leaders of the community, wave their monumental actions off, telling the others that they had a chronic case of Curiosity. That the rest of us should be careful, keep our heads down, and maintain an air of politeness and disinterest for our own safety.

So we never ask questions. We never speculate with one another. If we catch ourselves wondering, we shut it down, looking around fearfully to make sure no one noticed our forbidden thoughts.

Because all of us, despite our efforts to conceal it, are curious... and it's only a matter of time until we crack.
Magic 00%
No magic at all.
Technology 60%
Near future, perhaps cloning and genetic manipulation
Combat 40%
Unrest may be part of the setting, but any scenes that happen to involve combat may be summarized.

Details: Freeform, paragraphs required, long-term RP partner preferred.

Still looking!
omfhs this seems really interesting! I have a male character but he's semi-traumatized so there'll be a l o t of character development before actual romance, if that's okay --
Yoricule wrote:
omfhs this seems really interesting! I have a male character but he's semi-traumatized so there'll be a l o t of character development before actual romance, if that's okay --

Totally fine! I love having realistic buildup to that sort of thing. :)

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