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Hello! My group is Universe of roleplay, it's meant to exclude nobody. There are different planets for different genres, any kind of character is welcome! There is a main planet, so characters from different Genres can meet. And, if you were wondering how to move from planet to planet, there will be different chats for each genre. Each chat will represent a planet, meant for the genre mentioned in its description. There are teleporters that move you from any planet to any other planet, just say in the place you are teleporting from, '*character's name here* teleports to *planet name here*' so people know where to find you.
Each planet has all types of terrain. I won't do elaborate descriptions of each genre planet, that would be quite the pain on my part, since it would be hard to come up with and also describe. Just say which type of terrain your character is on. (desert, plains, forest, jungle, ocean, swamp, etc.)
ADVENTURE DOES NOT HAVE A PLANET OF ITS OWN, IT IS MIXED WITH EACH INDIVIDUAL PLANET. YOU CAN DO ADVENTURE ANYWHERE. ALSO, I KNOW I said (meant to exclude nobody) but I didn't make a horror planet. Those types of rp could disturb a member, and this place is meant to be friendly to all, but horror is usually violent. And we have a rule in place that nothing can be 18+, so don't go overboard with violence anywhere. Horror is only excluded for younger audiences, and for people who don't like violence. You cannot kill any other characters, either, even with consent. You will NEVER get my consent to kill another character. I am also the founder of the group, so listen if I tell you to stop. If the owner of a character must leave the group, they should notify me, and then I can spread the word that you can no longer interact with their character. That way nobody gets confused or anything.

I wanted to get this group out there for people so they know that they can join, and of course they can have their character talk with other characters in the main planet or their own planet of their proper genre. Remember: All-ages, All genres(except horror), and absolute FUN!
Currently no members have requested to join, so please, join if this post interested you! Let me know questions in the comments or on the Questions and Chitchat forum.
Noble Six (played by shadeslayer45)

Noble Six awaiting your orders sir

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