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So I fiddled around with the journal widget and I like it except for one thing. The dating. I'm thinking it should be just left a Text box because if the character is from a fantasy realm or sci-fi, or just an AU where dating is different, it will be hard to keep track of the entries in relation to the Character's life.

I mean I appreciate the Dating of entries options but I don't have all that many characters on this site at least that take place in a Gregorian Calendar setting. I tried to delete the date and time but it auto shows up when I go to another text box.

Also giving us an edit previous entries option would be nice, but it isn't a must have (at least for me).

Sorry to give everyone more work :C, I feel like I always am.
Kim Site Admin

Editing is already possible. :) All you need to do is click on the entry you want to change while on your edit character page. The highlighting that happened to make it clear the posts were active was so light it was almost invisible so it was hard to tell. I've gone ahead and darkened it so it should be more obvious when it's offering to do something for you.

I'm not going to take away the date option completely, for three reasons. One, the date is how the widget determines what order in which to display the entries, and if someone forgot to write an entry a week ago, all they need to do to insert it into the correct place in the flow is pick a date a week ago. If the date box went away, it would no longer be possible to order your entries the way you want them. Second, while there are a lot of characters that exist in alternate settings that use different systems of time, there are more that live in places that use a familiar date system. And thirdly, there are some people who want to keep track of when events happened to their character in reference to real time rather than character time. Sometimes you want to know when the anniversary of a kickbutt RP was. :D

But we do aim to make things as flexible as possible, when it can be done without making them too complicated. So far, it's possible to push dates in to the past or future to reflect characters living at different times without the need to scroll endlessly through the calendar every time you write a post, but another feature I've been considering is the ability to rename all the months, for places that basically use the same intervals of time but have come up with clever new names for things, something I have seen many many times in RP settings. We can probably also do a checkbox to just not display the date at all.

Also, never fear about "giving more work". A site like this is an infinite amount of work, and no matter how much you add to infinity, it can't get any bigger. ;) I love user feedback! For one thing knowing what people actually want can help to prevent useless work being done on things that sound neat but no one will actually use.
tenzle Topic Starter

Alright thanks :D!
Kim Site Admin

Being able to remove the date from display is now available. :)

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