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This is where you could ask if you could get your character in,and if your lucky,I'll give the ship with another posted below.But this takes place while Kenway saga,meaning no automatic guns,and you got be smart,or you sink like a rock,both figuratively and literally.
You live in a land where pirates exist,only to rob,drink gin, fight,etc.There are perks with being a Pirate.You can go where the wind and the Seven Seas carry you.You can command your own crew,who will follow your orders.But with every yin,there's a yang.Your hunted constantly,by the army or bounty hunter.You have to be aware constantly.Your ship could be taken away,and you wouldn't know it unless it until it's too late.You decide,for god knows what reason,to go off into tow during the night.You get knocked out and see yourself chained on the bottom of the ship,being shipped to a different land to be sold in a auction.Then you heard guns being fired,debris falling.Then it stopped and you were released from your chains and carried to the top of ship.

Boat are in during the 16th century
The guns and swords are in the 17th century
Prince Edward (played anonymously)

Sounds cool maybe my character could be on the slave ship and try to defend it from the pirates but then mistaken for a slave

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