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First off, I'm not saying to get rid of the ads. Now that that's out of the way, here is what my issue is. For a while now, the ads have been reasonably small and not very intrusive so I didn't mind them. Lately however, I have been seeing some larger ads that are much more annoying. Let me give you an example.


This one is ok. Still a little bigger than I like, but I can deal with it.

Big ad
This one is not ok. Scrolling down a forum and getting hit with this sucker is annoying. I have seen even bigger ones, but couldn't get one to pop up. If I see one that is larger, I'll edit it in.

I'm basically just asking if we can get some size limiters on the ad so I don't have giant ads taking up a nice chunk of my screen when I'm scrolling the forums.

Edit: It seems that putting the image of the 2nd ad shrank it, so I'm going to include a link to it instead.

Edit edit: While they are not bigger, they are still highly annoying ads. Ad 1. Ad 2.
Kim Site Admin

I've noticed this as well. These are all ads pipe through through the Google service - they used to do a better job of feeding us ads that would behave. Lately they've just been getting bigger and bigger. I'm looking into what we can do about it, because you're right, some of those sizes are wild
Katia Topic Starter

Thanks Kim, I really appreciate it!

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