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Anyone who pasted the town of Eight Mile; they swear it was the real Halloween town from Nightmare before Christmas except almost all of the town people looked and dressed normal. Everyone but a young woman who lived in a large beautiful manor at the very back edge of town next to the graveyard.

Lydia woke up to the sound of screeching raven on her doorframe. An eerily familiar voice greeted her as she got up from her bed. She wasn't bothered the ghosts followed as she did her daily routine of getting ready for the day. Once dress in her usual attire of black clothes and a face mask; she made her way to the large dinning room. Where a never ending party was going on expect something was different today. At her usual chair edible mortal food and sitting across from it was Master Grace. He was the original owner of her house and it was rare to see him among the others.

Taking her place at the table ignore the swinging bash happening around here and only keeping her eyes on Grace as she eats. "Lydia, I have a proposal for you today. I don't remember the last you've been out of this house or spoke to the living. So I want you to go out today socialize. Meet people have fun, find out something new, truly experience what it means to have a pulse" He slides a bookbag a cross the table to her "Myself and the others have put plenty of money in here for and even Atticus through in so books. Take it and go on." She stares at it before stuffing the last few bites of food into her mouth.

Grabbing and slipping it on to her shoulders. She got up from the table looking at the ghosts who stared back at her with the look of excitement in their faces. Sighing there was no way out of this. She walks to the front door hesitantly clutching the knob before turning it and walking into the house she hasn't left since her parents got it for her at 18.

Okay the first thing about being a live is the sun burns the heck out of your eyes if you hadn't been out in daylight for the last three years! 'Buy sunglasses first Lydia forget meeting people right now.' She cups her hands over making it to a store. She quickly buys a pair and heads to her town monorail and going a couple of towns over. Once at her new location. She was off looking around trying to remember how to person. Not really paying attention she runs straight into a person. Taking a couple steps back she lets a pathetic rumbling "Oh I'm sorry I'm not used to actually bumping into something solid. Not to say that I'm a ghost but like I'm just used to walking through things. Was that rude calling you solid I'm sorry."

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Anami (played by Oikastache)

Anami was wandering around, lost, and found herself near a monorail. This would have been helpful if she knew where she needed to go, but sadly, her dad hadn't told her they're hotel's address before sending her out to explore. She had started to get her phone out when -out of nowhere- a girl was in front of her and she was on the floor.

"Oh, i-it's not offensive in the slightest! I typically don't spend enough time looking at my surroundings, so I don't blame you for bumping into me- it was half my fault, after all!"

Anami stood up and brushed the dirt off of the long pleated skirt she was wearing with her fluffy sweater. She looked up at the lady she bumped into, who was clearly uncomfortable with this situation.

"Are you okay, ma'am? What's your name?" Anami said, outstretching her hand.
Lydia stops her ramble looking at Anami's hand held out to her. "Um yeah I'm good...I'm Lydia." She awkwardly takes hold of the outstretched hand. "Lydia Erebus, its nice to meet you." Lydia quickly digs through her bag pulling out a small book on small talk. "I'm not from around here. I'm actually from a few towns over..." she scans through the book looking for small talk suggestion "so what's your name?" She looks back to the girl in front her.

In her best to seem normal Lydia forgot to actually shake Anami's hand; noticing this she swiftly removes her own hand looking embarrassed.

"I'm sorry that was awkward, I'm um you know uh used to people with a pulse. The only reason I'm out here is because....I'm mean I'm here to do normal twenty year old stuff you know haha... Oh crap I didn't even ask if you if you're okay I'm sorry!" She felt like she was literally dying on the inside.
Lemonmay (played by Clumsylemon)

Lemon was often described as an overly optimistic, bright eyed, and cheerful kinda girl. She spent most her days in her garden or kitchen. While most her nights were spent socializing she was considered an it girl in monorail. Some said it was because of her looks and style choice, she indeed had long golden locks of hair that always fell just right. The hair complimented her golden skin and long legs. But this morning Lemon woke up early with a massive hangover from a part the night before. Only a croissant and a hot cup of coffee From her favorite bakery would help her head. She shimmed on some jeans that were cuffed at the bottom, a tight whit vneck T-shirt and large pair of sunglasses. Lastly but not least she put her hair up tight into a high pony. She meandered down the street and into the bakery to collect her order. As she stepped back out on to the street she saw the most awkward exchange between two girls her age. Her ears perked up as she heard the girls say normal 20-year-old stuff. She got a wild hair in her and quickly chucked her coffee and croissant in the trash. Walking up and throwing her arms around the two girls like she had known them forever. “ normal 20-year-old stuff you say, sounds like we should get some bloody Mary’s and brunch. You’re not living till you have brunch at the Christmas Bar.” She waves her hand before they can talk “ I know I know strange name and it’s all Christmas themed but it has the best bloody Mary‘s and waffles in town”. She smiles are winning smile of the girls. “Well come on” she walks past the two girls hoping that they follow.
Anami (played by Oikastache)

Anami was... shocked, to say the least. She'd never had someone invite her out of random like that... Was this the same as being catcalled?

"Eheh~ My name is Anami, and it is truly fine! I don't mind, I'm not the most socially graceful either."

Anami looked towards the girl going towards the bar, contemplating following her. She was still very close, but if they waited much longer she'd be gone.

"Are you going with the insane lady? I will if you do."

(Quick question: Where is this set? Wondering for the legal drinking age.)
Lemonmay (played by Clumsylemon)

(3 years from 18 would make Lydia 21. Therefore going off that we would be old enough to drink anywhere in the us or Europe, so I’m guessing we are all early 20s)

Lemon turns and raises an eyebrow “not socially graceful is an understatement, now come on I wanna sit at the bar not a booth” Lemon trudged ahead down the road. She needed a hair of the dog before her hangover got the best of her and she started to vomit again. She hadn’t felt this bad in years. The two odd girls seemed like good enough company and being with them gave here a reason to go back to the Christmas bar.
Lydia looks at Anami then to Lemon then once more back to Anami. She wasn't used to this kind of situations. She wanted references her book, but throwing caution to when she nods. Following behind Lemon to this so called Christmas bar. Master Grace did say she needed to learn to live a little. She hadn't really ever drunk before outside of the manor; heck she doesn't leave the manor.

She removes her sunglasses folding them up and putting them away. "I'm not used to a Christmas theme place. I've never been to a bar is this something normally people do. I mean the sun is still out and I'm not really hungry." The more she rambles the more she regretted her actions of just following a complete an utter stranger. Was it too late to back out yet maybe she could catch the monorail home. But she didn't want to leave Anami all lonely with someone she didn't know either.
Anami (played by Oikastache)

Anami walked toward the bar with the two girls,

"I wouldn't say it's a thing people do on a daily basis, but I wouldn't say it's abnormal either. I've been to one with my father so he could teach me how to order and what he liked- he likes alcohol."

Anami walked in and began to order, hoping to find something non-alcoholic.

"What would you two like? I'm very indecisive," Anami said whilst playing with her frilled choker.
Lemonmay (played by Clumsylemon)

The place was small but there seemed to be groups of people at each booth and it was filling up fast. The bar had the most God awful tacky decorations in the world even the bartender was dressed in a Santa suit and waitresses in little elf outfits. Lemon rushed to the bar securing three seats to the behest of another set of girls. “ come sit, The rule is there’s only two things you can ever order at brunch to drink Mimosas or bloody Mary’s” Lemon passes down old dilapidated Menus. “ and once we order we start to gossip like about cute boys or girls , then we get into the juicy stuff any scandalous stuff or information that might be valuable later on in the day. The idea of eat drink in gossip is what branch is made of.” She pounders for a moment “ so yes Lydia for girls our age this is a very common Sunday afternoon activity but you never ever due brunch on a weekday unless you are retired and over 45” Lemon loved these two girls their naiveness to the world was like fresh air in a room full of too much cigarette smoke.
Lydia took a seat at the bar looking over the menu. This place was giving her a weird vibe; she wasn't used to all this decor and people. She didn't want to drink in with two people she really doesn't know and she only ever had was wine. "Only mimosas and blood Mary's? I don't know any cute living people." She glances over to Anami and noticing her choker. Tapping her foot staring hard at the menu before figuring out she would get around drinking alcohol with this girls.

"I'm going to have an mimosas minus the alcohol please." She points to the picture on the menu "No brunch either I'm not hungry." She sat down the menu feeling a bit confident in herself. "This place have a lot of people. I think I'll just have a drink then leave, I heard there an abandoned place here that I was going to check and then maybe go to a place that isn't so crowded. Maybe go to like a small bookstore or maybe a little knick knack store so I could bring back my roommates some souvenirs. To prove that I did at least did something." Lydia picks at her face mask straps while rambling.
Lemonmay (played by Clumsylemon)

Lemon looks at the girl with a scowl and uses her most I’m disappointed in you voice to say “you just broke all the brunch rules in one breath” The Santa dressed bartender looks a lemon and she shrugs and winks “Miles my friend here is trying to learn to be normal” lemons even uses air quotes to really explain the normal part. “ so how about a half strength drink . All do a bloody Christmas. she needs to eat look at her she might fly away. So 2 chicken waffle specials” Lemon hands the Santa their menses then turns her gaze to Anami. “ what about you .., hope you order better” this was all a game for lemon she was pushing these girls out of their comfort zones on purpose. She knew soon they would be thanking her. She was a tad prideful that way
Lydia blinks hard a couple of times but she gets off the the stool. Brushing the wrinkles out of clothes. "You know what I should get going. I like just ate and I'm not really all too uncomfortable drinking with people I don't know. Plus I really don't want to be out too long. Master Grace and the others would worry about me and I really don't want to cause them any discomfort. It...was um nice to meet you both....but if you guys want to join me your welcome to." She heads for the exit. Cold breeze blows between the two women sitting at the bar. Mysteriously a twenty dollar bill and some change appears once the cold gusts leaves.

She walks out and started randomly walking in a direction in hopes of finding an almost empty store. She could hopefully find a choker like the one Anami's was wearing but minus the frills.
Anami (played by Oikastache)

(I'm sorry for not posting I didn't have my computer for a few days asdfghj)

"I'll have a... Lemonade." Anami said as she turned from the counter and sat down, pulling a bottle of lemonade from her handbag. She watched Lydia leave, secretly hoping she'd come back and save Anami. She was a tad concerned to be alone with Lemon, but want to up and leave due to her fear of being rude.

"So... You like talking about people you find attractive? How would one begin such a conversation?"
A faceless voice whispers in Lydia's ear telling her to go back and get Anami. It was rude to up and leave the other girl who gave off a vibe of being just as uncomfortable as she was; plus Anami is obviously younger then herself. Lydia turns right back around and basically runs to the bar. She steps back inside and walking up to Anami.

"Um Anami, I really like your choker. Could maybe show me where a store might be were I could maybe get one?" She hope Anami would catch on to what she is trying to do.

((That's okay))
Anami (played by Oikastache)

Anami was a tad surprised to see that Lydia actually came back, but was so, so relieved.

"Oh, sure! That'll be... too bad... Sorry Lemon, I guess I can't gossip with you... I'm really sorry..." Anami had never quite lied before, but she did enjoy acting. She was never the best at improv but was certain she could give a passable performance. "I suppose we could try another time."

Anami turned to Lydia and started to leave, a little scared that Lemon was going to freak out.
Thank goodness Anami understood what she was doing. Lydia badly wanted to grab Anami's wrist and bolt straight out of the bar. She was worried that something would go down. She takes a step behind the younger girl. With her being taller and she thought could protect her. Just in case hopefully she won't need.

She reaches over her and opens the doors. Lydia kept glancing back to see what Lemon reaction would be at them.
Anami (played by Oikastache)

(I'm not gonna be on for Monday, Tuesday, Friday or the weekend. Thought I'd tell you in advance, sorry)
(Totally okay and thanks for letting me know)

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