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Hello everyone.

Since I had to take a little break from RPR I also lost a couple of my previously started RPs so I would like to find new ones. And I also haven't used Lydia in quite a while it would be nice to use her again. In case you don't like her you might take a look at my other two characters: Leah and Sophia (Percy Jackson universe).

My idea for Lydia is of Y/C showing up frequently at the coffee she works in. Upon their regular visiting, she starts developing an interest in them, but her closed-off personality prevents her from actually trying to befriend them. Y/C notices her at some point and perhaps makes the first move to befriend her instead. With the evolving of their friendship, the walls around Lydia start breaking down thanks to Y/C. At some point, the friendship starts turning into something more as both characters develop feelings for each other.

I hope you like the idea and if you do - please PM me. And in case you want to change any aspect of it feel free to do so as I want you to feel just as comfortable RPing as me.
Seems interesting, I would love to do it!
I'd be interested!

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