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One character has the best luck ever seen on earth. Literally— they can screw up a huge interview only to be scouted by a job with double the salary, they never seem to get caught in the rain, and they won the lottery twice— the only two times they’ve entered. This life has begun to get extremely agitating and they’ve gone the rest of their life trying to get something to go wrong— just anything, but no matter how many crowded streets they’ve jaywalked or uncharted territory they’ve dived into, they only come out unscathed.

Cue the polar opposite, who is the most unluckiest person born. They can’t walk on the sidewalk without getting drenched by an oncoming car, every day is a bad hair day, and they always seem to fail to find matching socks. They’re longing for the day that they can nail an interview or even just leave the house with their favorite pair of jeans, but this day never seems to come.

How would an unexpected romance look between these two?

I don’t have a preference for which character I play, I’m just looking for someone willing to play a male for an MxF roleplay. :) This can be in any time period, fantasy medieval, futuristic, or modern. I just don’t do sci-fi or any sort of animal stuff!

I don’t do smut because it’s something I’m uncomfortable with! Most I’ll do is fade to black, but I’d rather avoid the subject completely. I prefer fluff. :) Looking for someone willing to write multi-paragraph responses!

Details: Freeform, paragraphs required, long-term RP partner preferred.

Flynn Auburn (played anonymously)

I’m not the most literate at times but I can try.

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