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It was another stressful day at college for young Sarah. Overwhelmed by numerous presentations, hours of study, and gritty cheer practice, she found herself hopelessly piled up in work. A year ago, she was just a sweet high school senior, bright eyed, hopeful and ready for what higher education brought her. Or so she thought she was ready.

Climbing out of her messy, unmade bed, she sighed softly. “This is way too difficult” she whined, “but I can’t let my father down!” The young lady rose to her feet, determined to succeed! Her back popped and crack from being hunched on her bed for ages. It felt like an eternity since she got up from it. Just looking at the piles of textbooks surrounding her made her ill. “I can’t keep doing this to myself. Tonight will be a self care day!” She declared to herself, “I’m going out tonight, and I’m gonna have a good time!” With an hour of glamor and patience, she was prepared to have fun for a few hours. Wearing her favorite maroon dress that flowed sweetly, some nice short heels, and her matching clutch, she was ready to take over the town. Just like that, she took a cab to a dance club downtown.
Elton was leaning up against the bar at the club drink in hand. His eyes scan them room; letting out a yawn another boring night here. He should really stop coming to this dang place. Pushing himself up of the bar and shooting the whole glass of vodka back. He heads straight toward the door and outside.

The crisp cold air of the night embraces his face seemingly keeping him more awake then the boom music of the club. Reaching into his coat pocket he notices a taxi pulling up with a girl in it that looked much like his sweet little baby cousin. No way it was Sarah she was like five years old or something. She won't even be at the club didn't she have like studying to do.

His mini rant was quickly cut short the minute the young woman took a step out of the taxi. It was indeed Sarah the bebé in a short dress! "Sarah Miller!"
The young lady waved goodbye after paying her fare with a sweet smile. She was ecstatic to finally have some fun for once. Waiting patiently for the bouncer to allow her entry, she applied the final touch to her face; lipgloss. Confident as ever, she sashayed into the club with her head high, and her smile curled.

While attempting to make a star-studded entrance, she was shocked to hear a familiar voice call out to her. Listening for a moment, she scanned the crowd, confused, yet a little alarmed. Was she in trouble? Was it one of her classmates? Oh! It was her dear cousin Elton. Surprised to even see him at such an establishment, she carefully bypassed several strangers to greet the man.

“Elton! What are you doing here?” She opened up her arm to offer a small hug. “I never knew you were a party chaser.” She jeered lightly.
Lemonmay (played by Clumsylemon)

Lemon brushed a long strain of golden hair over her shoulder letting it cascade down her backwards she walked up. She then draped an arm around Elton. The girl looked like she stepped out of a magazine she had on tight leather black leggings and a plain black shirt but she wore intricately designed turquoise jewelry on her arms and neck. “Come on the booth is ready” she gives an lackadaisical glance at the young looking girl. “ who is she ... must be interesting if you are talking to her”
Elton looks to Lemon then to Sarah. "Lemon this my baby cousin Sarah who should be at home studying. Sarah this is Lemon I'm out clubbing with her tonight." He brushes his back out of his face. Sarah shouldn't be here she should be at home far away and unknowing of her older cousin party life. "Well let's head back in if the booth is ready." He turns back towards the entrance to the club. "You are legal right? If so come drink with us." He gives her a wink before disappearing back into the club.
Sarah is taken aback by the strange but very lovely lady in front of her. Furrowing an eyebrow, she straightens her posture and gives a warm smile. “A pleasure to meet you, Miss Lemon,” Sarah says to her possible new friend. While displeased by her cousins concerns, she crinkled her nose and huffed lightly “I’m taking a night off from studies for some ‘me’ time. I’ve worked myself to the bone for tonight.”

Crossing her arms, but reluctantly following along with the pair, she mumbles softly to herself “I’m old enough to be here, but not to have a drink.”
Lemonmay (played by Clumsylemon)

Lemon looks down her nose at the girl not out of rudeness but Lemon just has one of those snobby looking faces “ well nice to meet you, if you get board join us otherwise tell Ricky at the bar we sent you he will help you on the drinks” she trails off behind Elton her long her flowing behind her.

When her and Elton arrive at the booth lemon leans in “what a straight lace so unlike you” she pours two shoots of vodka “ wonder what she would say if she knew your side ventures” Lemon winks at Elton. Then taps her shot to his and swallows it in one swift motion.
He takes back his shot, licking the residue of vodka left on his lips. "She my family; I can have an everyday person in my life." Narrowing his eyes at her "she doesn't need to find out. Sarah is just a baby that I won't let find out about my closet full skeleton." He grabs the bottle pouring himself and Lemon other shot. When Sarah finally sat down in the booth with them, he gives her a rare kind smile.

"Sarah, if you can't drink what's the point to clubbing for a young woman your age." He glances down at what she was wearing. "I know you're not here to dance not with that short thing on? You're like what sixteen years old?" Putting down the bottle he reaches for his shot.
Attempting to listen in, she adjusts herself to a casual but attentive pose. Her freshly manicured nails tap against an empty glass. Curiosity and temptation is her biggest enemy, just egging her to find out what they’re talking about to each other. However she has to play it cool.

“I turn twenty soon... I don’t look sixteen, do I?” She sticks out her bottom lip, batting her eyelashes innocently. “This dress was a gift, you know. I think it fits very nicely... don’t you think, Miss Lemon?” she cooed, waving her fingers at the pair, lightly suggesting she would like a taste of a drink just for the sake of trying. Having her way was the only way she knew.
Lemonmay (played by Clumsylemon)

“Lighten up Elton, it’s a very modest dress for here. Plus, she is with us probably the safest place in the club” she throws back another shot , then she pours 3 more and winks “just this once” Lemon holds her shot up and hands sarah a shot. A large man interrupts Lemon’s toast to start whispering something in her ear . As the man whispers a sly smile crosses lemon’s face. “Thank you Bruce” the man seems to turn back around and watch the booth not letting anybody get too close. Many people point and try to wave or get invited in but this all goes unnoticed by Lemon who as turned her full attention back to the new girl. However, before she forgot Lemon quickly leans into Elton and whispers “ Another game after they close” Lemon leans back looking at Sarah “well Sarah cheers,” Lemon quickly finishes her shot before going on to say “you must tell me has anybody caught your eye, a girl like you doesn’t come to a place like this unless she is looking For someone or something”
Sarah’s eyes light up with pure excitement given an opportunity to join the party of adulthood. Gently holding the shot, she takes a sniff and makes a slight sour face. It smelled much different from what she expected... but surely it wouldn’t taste bad. With one swoop, she downs the shot, before gagging with surprise. “That tasted horrible!” She whined, displeased by the new experience. “Is it supposed to feel like that?” She laughed nervously, her face flushing with embarrassment.

That quickly changed by Lemonmay’s inquiry. It takes a moment for her to register the question, her bottom lip sticking out during her moment of thought.

“I’ve never had a boyfriend.” She murmurs, slightly disappointed. “I came here to kind of forget the stressful college life. Dance a little, make a friend or two...” her voice trails off as she bashfully looks at the woman. Being the youngest of her family, romance was a hard thing to achieve. Her father would cry at the thought of her having a boyfriend, even a crush would be simply enough to cause a ruckus.
Lemonmay (played by Clumsylemon)

Lemon belly laughs “ these are shots they are supposed to burn if you want something that doesn’t ask the waitress to get a mix drink” lemon process the girl’s innocence “ wow not even a kiss” she squeezes Elton’s leg “wow Elton is she really related to you” Lemon pour another round “one more for luck” she watched Shara make another face “ well should we dance” Lemon stands up pushing out of the booth onto a spot on the dance floor where she starts to let he body flow to the beat.

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