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I've been looking around for a solution and I can't seem to find one, I've been told the only way to fix this is to contact and administrator so here we go, my birthdate and such is correct, but the year is wrong, and seems to be 2 years before my birthday. I'm 18 not 20, and it was jarring when I finally noticed this and would like some help getting this fixed, please and thank you. Ciao~
Kim can be reached through the form here:

Although she does post in the forums, using that form actually creates a little to-do item for her to tend to, so you're more likely to get it taken care of more quickly.

The system is set up as it is to prevent minors from aging themselves up in order to appear to be adult and access adult areas, assuming they entered the correct date when signing up.

You are on: Forums » Help » My age is wrong

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