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Hi! It's Ashir here-

So I really want to be able to buy epic here on RPR as well as try to afford a name change token, because like my current one makes me really uncomfortable >-> (EDIT- SOMEONE REALLY NICE AND AMAZING GAVE ME AN EXTRA TY ILY YOU'RE THE BEST <3)

But also I want to be able to afford things like better programs for my music making and my edits so that my content will be better for you guys! And so I can buy food >->

The pictures used in these collages are licensed for commercial use, they will not get you in trouble or me in trouble- Thank you!

So here's how it's gonna go-


Profile Pictures






me and me boyfriend owo <3

Character Pictures



Profile Pictures: $3-5 (Depends on how much you want on the profile pic-If there's a lot of editing involved most likely 3 or 4 dollars, if it's simple, 1-2 dollars.)

Collages: $7/8 only because it really does take me a while with the editing and finding pictures and making it look perfect. I can edit them however you want, add any number of pictures you want, etc.

Character Pictures:
$5 for a simple plain transparent picture edit or if you want some effects added to the picture (Me messing with contrast and filters and such-) $6. :)

If you're interested please contact me in the comments or put a message in my inbox! I'm more active on Discord, though, so you can message me there too! ♡𝙰𝚜𝚑𝚒𝚛||𝙿𝚎𝚗𝚗𝚢♡#1053. Just fill out this little list

    *What do you want to buy? (Collage/Photo edit/Profile picture/character picture)
    *What color scheme, theme and type of editing do you choose?
    *Simple or complex?
    *Other questions and answers may be discussed if you're interested and we talk. <3

Thank you so much if you do end up buying something from me! I really appreciate it and it makes me so happy knowing that people might be willing to buy my stuff. It means a lot and will help me with multiple things. <3 Thank you, thank you, thank you! -Ashir/Penny


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defo recommend this beautiful human being <3
StaticNightmares wrote:
defo recommend this beautiful human being <3
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sarahhhhhhhhh <3
Sanne Moderator

Hi everyone!

The moderators received some questions about what is and isn't allowed with collage-type commissions. :) These sort of commissions are 100% okay provided the artist ensures their source materials are licensed to be used for commercial purposes. This means you (the generic you, not anyone specific) need to check the site you got the images from and make sure they tell you it's okay to use their images in the way you use them.

A common license resource is the Creative Commons site. Each license explains what you can and can't do with their content. A lot of people like to use these licenses, but there are many different ones available that may be different, so please always check with the creator('s website)! Pexels (license details) and Unsplash (license details) are two popular stock resources allow everyone to use their photos commercially, and there are many others like it, so their images would be used legally here. :)

We're confident everybody tries their best to only use materials they're allowed to use, but as this can be confusing and mistakes are easily made, we wanted to post a brief reminder about how licenses work. If anyone is unsure feel free to contact any of the moderators, we're happy to help!
Still open! ^^'

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