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A grand ballroom was decorated with the best decor money could buy, the best alcohol, and best food. There was even a live band ready to play any song they were asked to play. At the entrance of the ballroom stood a woman dress to kill. Her long lilac dress hitting the ground with sizable slit up the front of her dress that only shows off her heels and ankles. She has diamond encrusted necklaces resting on her chest with long white gloves going past her elbows. She was looking for even the slightest problem. Standing directly behind her was an older gentleman on his phone.

"Ms. Membrane, everything is perfect. Stop looking for something to nag me about. Food, music, drinks, party bags and etc etc. And before you even ask all the invitations has been sent out. I promise you a Great Gatsby party so that's what you'll have." She looks over her shoulder tsking at him. Doing an about-face strutting over to the man pulling the phone out of his hand. "You should really get off this thing. Didn't you hear phones can melt your brains." She tosses it back him before heading to the front door of her vacation manor. The door were opened immediately by two young gentlemen dressed in formal wear; revealing a large group of people.

She walks to the very top of the steps. "Hello my name is Angelina Membrane, but many of you might know that. I will like to welcome you all my to my twenty fifth birthday. Come in and enjoy yourself on me." She takes a step to the side to let the guests inside.

((No PM needed for this rp. This rp is for sorts of characters to mingle and have plenty of fun. Even though this rp starts off as a slice of life it can also quickly become violent.))

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