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i hope this post belongs in the smalltalk forum?


hello! a little over a year ago, i made a free tarot reading thread on here and it got really popular. unfortunately, i wasn't able to keep up with that thread due to just. life. but now i'm back with a lot more motivation for tarot readings! since i've just started college, i really need to make some extra money because i don't have time for a part time job, so i figured tarot readings were the way to go, especially since it's getting close to halloween.

in case you're unfamiliar with tarot--


What is tarot?

"To people unfamiliar with divination, it may seem that someone who reads Tarot cards is "predicting the future." However, most Tarot card readers will tell you that the cards offer a guideline, and the reader is simply interpreting the probable outcome based on the forces presently at work." (x)

basically, tarot is a form of giving advice and helping achieve clarity about a situation through the use of a tarot deck.

How are the tarot cards divided?

to put it simply, a tarot deck is divided into the major arcana and the minor arcana. there are 22 major arcana cards in a deck, which represent major life events, and 56 minor arcana cards, which represents specifics in your life. each and every card in a deck has its own meaning that can be interpreted in a variety of different ways.

"The 56 Minor Arcana cards reflect the trials and tribulations that we experience on a daily basis. Even though the Minor Arcana cards are called ‘minor', it doesn't mean that these Tarot cards won't have a significant impact in your life. These Tarot cards relate to what's happening in your daily life, and can offer insight into how your present situation is affecting you and what steps you need to take to manifest your goals." (x)

the minor arcana cards are divided into four suits: wands, cups, swords, and pentacles. each of these suits represent different areas of our lives, and also correspond with the elements-- fire, water, air, and earth.

the pentacles represent your security, stability, and wealth. the wands are creativity and passion, the cups are your emotions, and the swords are your thoughts and your mind.


Pricing and tarot spreads

if you're unfamiliar with tarot, spreads are the way that the advice is given. basically, i ask the question, shuffle the cards, and then lay out the cards in the form of a certain spread where each position of the card represents an aspect of the question. for example, in the "past/present/future" spread, i lay out three cards in order. first card is past, second one's present, third one is future.

$1 - Single Card

single card readings are good for simple yes/no questions. a popular single card reading question is, "what should i focus on today?"

$5 - Past/Present/Future + Clarification, Single Card, and a spread of your choice!



as explained above, this is the past/present/future spread. for this bundle, i will throw in the past/present/future spread and a single clarification card for the future. along with this, i will add a single card reading for a different question (or the same question for further clarification, if you want.) AND, as a part of the bundle, you can request any spread that you want and i’ll throw it all in for five dollars! my only requirement for this is that the custom spread has to be less than ten cards.

these can all be for different questions or the same one, it won’t affect the price at all.

however, if you just want past/present/future, i will be pricing that at $3, with no extra charge for the clarification card (if you would like one).

$10 - Celtic Cross



the celtic cross is a very good spread for more complex questions. when i do readings with this spread, i interpret the cards based on this:

#1- heart of the matter
#2 - opposing factors
#3 - root cause
#4 - past
#5 - goals
#6 - near future
#7 - you
#8 - external factors
#9 - hopes/fears
#10 - final outcome

this one will be priced at $10! it's personally my favorite spread to do.

$12 - Past/Present/Future, Celtic Cross, AND Single Card

basically exactly what it says! for $12 i'll throw in all of these readings. it can be for different questions or the same one, if you really need clarification on something!

$12 - Year Spread



this is mainly made for december/january, but i can do it any time of year. it's also good for birthdays! for birthdays, i'll just use the month that you were born for #1, and go through the year that way. (for example, if your birthday is during september, #1 is september, #2 is october, #3 is november, etc.)

Other Spreads

there are tarot spreads for basically anything you can think of. there's some more here, but if you haven’t been interested in any of the spreads so far, there's a good chance you can find something on google!

for other spreads, i'll price for the amount of cards the spread has.

Not satisfied?

if you're unsatisfied with a particular reading, i'll do the same question and the same spread for free a second time. however, if you want a different question or different spread, i'll charge the normal price for that spread. after the second time, i will charge the normal price for that spread, even if it's the same question.

DISCLAIMER: with tarot, there's a possibility of a negative reading. i very, very rarely get negative readings, but that doesn't mean it's not possible. this isn't an attack on you, i'm just being honest and repeating what the cards have told me. because of this, i won't give complete refunds for negative readings, i'll go with the same guideline that i just described in the paragraph above.

if you're not comfortable with the possible outcome of a negative reading, this probably isn't the best option for you. however, if the reading IS negative, i will never just completely dump that on you and then run off. i'll do my best to give my own advice and personal opinions based on the question and turn something negative into positivity and optimism.

it's also important to note that tarot is not a 100% complete prediction of the future, it's advice based on the current situation and what could happen based on what's going on and what's being done about it. if a reading is negative, it's more of a warning that something could end up being negative based on the current situation and what is/isn't being done.

How long will a reading take?

i do my best to stay on top of things, but because i'm a college student and usually have a lot going on in my life, it may take me awhile to get around to your reading. i will always keep you updated if i'm being delayed.

i give myself a month to get a reading done, but if i somehow don't get it done within that time frame, i won't charge for that reading. i'll let you either keep the same question and spread or change it up, but after that one, i'll charge again for the normal price, if you want another one.

please keep in mind that, on top of school work, i also give the best readings that i possibly can. because of the energy i put into them, it can be pretty tiring, so i might have to take breaks. right now, the typical wait time will probably be around 3 days or less. this will probably change if i get a lot of commissions.

How I plan on doing these readings

RPR is preferred! you can either send me a PM directly, or you can comment that you're interested and i will PM you. a comment would be appreciated anyways so hopefully more people will notice :^).

if you're comfortable with it, i could always do the reading on the public forum so other people can see an example of readings and how i do them. if you're not comfortable with that, though, i'm completely fine with doing them over PMs! either way, i'll message you my paypal info, and i'll ask for payment after the reading is done.

discord is also an option, but i strongly prefer RPR. doing readings over discord makes me feel a little anxious and rushed because it's instant messaging.

before i do the reading, i'll also ask for you to pick which one of my decks that you would prefer (i'll add a photo at the bottom of this post). if you don't have a preference, i'll just use my main deck and the one i've had the longest, the wild unknown. however, i strongly advise picking the deck that you feel the most drawn to! if you're unsure and would like to see some photos of the cards before i do a reading, i'm completely fine with sending some.


thank you for taking the time to read! i hope to hear from you :^)

if you need any clarification on anything tarot-related, i'm more than happy to help. i love talking about tarot.


(in case it's hard to read, these are the names of the deck in order: cat tarot, the wild unknown, and tattoo tarot: ink and intuition.)
kind of urgent bump because something came up and i really need extra money right now ):
Bumping the thread for this fantastic diviner!
bump :^)
I was looking into getting a reading, and if you’re ok with it maybe even giving a couple of tips? I recently bought my very first tarot deck and I’m trying to learn how to read them! It’s fine if you don’t want to do that but I was curious.

Thank you for your time! :)
(i answer questions and have conversations about this thread over pm, so if you’d rather directly message me, feel free!)
bumping this with an update!
re: custom spreads, ive made a pinterest board for tarot spreads, so if you’re interested, feel free to look through them!

please remember that i charge based on the number of cards in the reading— 3 cards = $3, etc.

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