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The Black Widow. That’s what the killer running circles around the LAPD, committing murder after murder was called. Yes, he was male, and Black Widow was a title usually reserved for female killers, but the newspapers and tabloids didn't seem to know that when they'd christened the criminal with the name. It didn’t matter who you were, what you did for a living, who you liked- if you went clubbing, or were even just walking home at night- the Black Widow would get you. Or- could. All that mattered was… consent.

The details of the case were sporadic- they barely linked all but three around the city. The victims were all male, all in their mid-20s, one or two in their early thirties. All had either been out at strip clubs or walking to or from their homes late at night between the hours of 12 AM to 5 AM. Manner of death wasn’t terribly erratic- all were either stabbed or strangled. No weapons had been found at the scenes. All victims had participated in sexual activity before the murder. Almost all were married, their wedding rings, for some odd reason, being left with the bodies, placed clutched in their fists.


Hello! So this is the premise for this particular roleplay. What I had in mind is that Chase, my character, would be the murderer, and Character B would be an LAPD cop who is on the case. Chase would play games with Character B, do his killing by night, and eventually, the two fall for each other, we go from there.

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Keith (played by JetStorm)

this sounds very interesting,shoot me a message.
I might use either Keith or Lance for this type of rp
Hey would you like to rp with me?
Kwan Jin (played by ELS1526)

Sounds good to me. Pm or DM me if you're okay with this character.
Hi! this sounds very interesting to me. If the roleplay is still open, i'd love to roleplay with you!
Mason Fox (played by XBITTERSWEET)

Hello!! This sounds awesome and Mason here has been a cop in several RP’s before!
If you’re still open and if You think Mason is a good fit, I’d love to chat with you over DM’s :)


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