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Hey! My name is Eve. I do a lot of creating, of a lot of different types, but most of it has something to do with either roleplaying or creative writing, two things which I find very similar (in my opinion). However, I have also been known to venture into really odd or somewhat unusual creations, such as chain art (that was a fail, but at least I tried), ASMR (also a fail, turns out it's just not my thing), and other such things.

Do you do a lot of creating, or want to? Then I would absolutely love to work with you! I'm looking for someone to work with on my creations. Worldbuilding, character creation/development, roleplaying, creative writing, songwriting, even writing a musical; these are all fair game, as well as almost any other types of creations we could come up with!

So, if you're interested, please message me!! That would be awesome! Have a wonderful day/night/evening/afternoon, and don't let the stolv kill you in your sleep!

You are on: Forums » Art & Creativity » Co-Creator???

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