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Hello! ^^ I really don’t post a lot on Forums, but I thought of something today.. so bare with me.

Today, I had work of course. I have a part time job (as I am in college as well) and some teenagers work there as well. I was doing my own business and I overhear a conversation which made me upset. A teenager, was bullying this other worker because he couldn’t get something right. I was going to say something (not mean) but they broke up before I say a word.

But—I thought of this: why judge someone when you also do bad things? Like, it bothers the hell out of me. I know some people bully others because they are going through their own rough time, and they need validation. Bullying people and pointing out their wrongs.. that’s so douchey. You have no right to judge others when you also make mistakes and you also do bad things. We all are human and you can’t change that.

If your bullied because of how you look, I’m going to say this now. Screw them. You are beautiful and no one can change that. If they don’t see that, then they are blind.

Some people say, “beauty is within.” Well I agree with that, but beauty is on the outside too. Even if you have a cleft lip, your beautiful! If you’re flat chested, you’re beautiful! If you are bald, you’re beautiful! If you’re in the LGBTQ+ community, if you have a disease or mental issues, or something else... you’re beautiful and I freaking love you all.

Everyone is beautiful, inside and out. It’s just some people are more pure than others and some are more broken. Bullies, they don’t have a right to bully, but they are still human. They still deserve to be treated nicely and equally.

Humans make mistakes. Humans are mean. Humans can get sad. Humans can break. But, you can help them. Words change lives, trust me. Just saying hello to someone could make their day. Saying to someone that their beautiful could change their day.

But to finish my rant—If you’d bullied, they are wrong. You are beautiful and valid and a human being that deserves all the love.

Keep smiling, loves. <3

If you need someone to talk too, I’m always here! Just PM me. And I’m pretty sure there are a ton of other people on RPR and out in the real world that would love to help you.

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