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Nancy (played anonymously)

Come get sheet-faced. Your local Irish Pub has pulled out all the stops for a (nowhere near) Pinterest perfect Party, complete Nancy pulling pints this evening.

There's a hum of taxi's outside ferrying people to-and-fro, two Dracula's (Draculi?) arguing over sports and someone's pet cat sat on a bar stool.

Be the third person to play Monster mash on the wurlitzer, dazzle the pub-goers with your costume or simply talk to Nancy: the setting is your oyster.
Hanley (played anonymously)

Having a few hours before she needed to get ready for the big festivities, Ensign Hanley entered the bar in her leather-and-felt costume. She'd just have a glass of something festive without alcohol, and then get back on the road, but the music was intriguing.

"Hello, ma'am," Hanley ventured to the woman at the bar, "What singer is this? They have a lovely voice."
As the woman turned her attention, Hanley chose a stool at the bar, and cracked a peanut shell. This would make for a calm moment in the day...
Bessie had a long night of singing the blues ahead of her. As she walked down the street to her regular gig the blues club. She decided she would check out the Irish pub. Billie dressed to the nines. In a purple evening gown. Purple hiheels and purse. She entered the bar and sat at the end of the bar. She said "a shot of Jack Daniels it's that trick or treat time of year". She went to the jukebox and played her favorite song hey bartender. And went back to her stool at the end of the bar.
Hanley (played anonymously)

Hanley glanced over the various drinks behind the bar, and then threw a look towards the woman near her who sat near the other end of the bar.
"Hi," the sandy-blonde said with a grin. "Nice heels. Are you dressed up-dressed up, or just... Dressed up?"
The song continued to play, and Hanley ate another peanut.
"I'm dressed up to sing. Lady sings the blues. I stopped in the bar for a couple of shots of jack Daniels whiskey. Let me interduce myself. Billie Bessie Armstrong Southside blues singer. Very nice to meet you." She looks around the bar and smiles. She mutters "I love old bars with haunting atmospheres".
Hanley (played anonymously)

Ah, that would explain the almost-holographic sheen of the woman's dress. A dim stage light glowing off of it would set the mood for soulful blues, for sure. Hanley smiled. "Pleased to meet you, Miz Armstrong. I'm Ensign Hanley, got a shuttle nearby. The atmosphere is really great. There's a sort of calm feeling here, although I suppose it's likely there will be parties or something later. Halloween, and all... This is a neat little town, huh?"
It wasn't really that little, actually. But there was a sense of familiarity in some areas, and the feeling that you could find exactly what you needed just around the corner.
Hanley sipped her drink, the liqueur burning sweetly down her throat. Cherry amaretto, a slight spicy-pumpkin kick; whipped cream, dark chocolate, a hint of citrus. Just enough to warm her and to have a taste of the festivities in a place where it was still mostly quiet.

She chatted a little more before she finished her drink, which she declared delicious, with a smile at the bartender. The peanuts were pretty good, too.
"Well," the Ensign said, standing, "I hope your gig goes well. If it's not too adult-themed, maybe I'll stop by later? I'll be going, now. Goodbye! Happy Halloween!"
Hanley winked, swept off her hat in an elaborate little wave, and left with a chuckle. Halloween spirits, indeed!
Billie looking at her watch decided she would leave for her gig. She wished ensign well. She said "goodbye" to the bartender and left smiling. Before she left she told the bartender "have a happy hallowen". She left the bar and walked to her gig at the blues club.
Rose Payne (played by ShadesOfBlue)

Visiting pubs wasn't something Rose did alone but today for a change, she felt like trying something new. Sitting at home with a free afternoon and night with the whispers of the new pub. She decided to play dress up and check out what's the buzz is about. Dressed in a blue seam dress, v-neck that dipped low and denim jacket over it with black boots. These was what she was in mood for tonight. Guess her mood had not nothing to do with how she caught her colleagues-crush kissing one her own friends.

Walking into the pub with a few careless strides, her gaze shifted and took in her surroundings. She made her way to the bar before sliding into the seat, "Bring me something strong, anything strong." She told the bartender.

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