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Pm me if you want me to draw art for you

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free? or not?

cuz i am trying to find out if someone can do a anime or a drawing of one of my characters as i don't think im that good my self ( has my drawings on my profile) but if you draw wolfs, or humans?
not free of couse and i can't draw wolf but i can draw a human with wolf ears

Hmm.. ill think about it but if i dont reply then you know what the answer was kk??
NOTICE:If you're interested PM me
Hi there!

If I can offer some advice, you might get more takers if you posted some prices and examples! Do you have an art page like an instagram or deviantart? :) I'd love to see!
I don't,but I can send some pictures if I have your email also pm next time
Ok I'm getting rid of this since I have no way of getting the money so sorry
As in I'm not doing commissions

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