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Neemus Xercles (played by Arcol)

It was a season of change in Tamriel, though it seemed more so in Skyrim; the leaves turned brown, the air was filled with a sense of unusual fear, and the cities were filled with decorum to represent the Witches Festival that usually came around this time of year. The Bee and Barb, in the city of Riften, was particularly filled with guests and travelers from all over, the mead flowing like water. Neemus had been there for quite some time, and was allowed to pass out treats (not poisoned, obviously) to any who came by. Arun-Ja also carried this responsibility, as well as to bring in guests from other worlds; it seemed as though Talen-Jei desired to spread his custom concoctions beyond the Mundus, which wasn’t a bad idea, all things considered.
That Scaly Rascal (played anonymously)

There was a saying among the usually tipsy Boarmen of East Lagurb that said that the least charming of towns stored their hidden appeal in their drinking dens. Ren thought this was especially so for The Bee and Barb, the best - if not the only - tavern in Riften.

Dirty towns brewed proper booze.. or something.

Honestly, she cared more about her third cousin once removed's nasal ward than pointless sayings like those. The only reason why she was really, really there was to eat herself into the afterlife and put candy shops out of business.

And to mess with ol' Talen-Jei, of course.

The Barb was relatively full when Renex wandered in from the cold, the air thick with the rich scent of overpriced Blackbriar Mead, lesser brands and the remains of meals ordered by those who thought refusing candy made them more mature. Despite the recent conflicts that torn the land apart, everyone seemed to be in a decent enough mood. By Skyrim standards, that was.

There was also a peculiar figure amongst the chilling commoners. No Outerworlder like her, but tough-looking enough. And unlike her, he sported a full reptile look rather than a confusing mosaic of fleshy mortal and scaly dragon.

"Evenin', me merry mate," Renex said with a happy, toothy grin. She kept her hood over her face, still. "So how many cartwheels for a fis'full of those sweets?"

That was how the tradition worked, right?
Neemus Xercles (played by Arcol)

“A good evening to you as well,” he acknowledged, “I hope you’re enjoying the Bee and Barb well enough. As for cartwheels, you mean the action or something similar, right? Regrettably, I’m unfamiliar with the term.”

Her appearance was slightly jarring, but nothing worth mentioning or even noticing; not that he didn’t care, but more to the fact that he respected those from other worlds enough to not make any mention of their physicality.
That Scaly Rascal (played anonymously)

"I'm meanin', loike, this!" Renex beamed as swooshed over the floor like a jester without its garb. She'd grown rusty though so obviously she almost kicked a half-drunk Nord in the bears, but this time she got it done without knocking over any tables. "The's a trick- an' now ye give me a treat!"

The Festival of Witches, All Hallows Eve, the Ghostfest, it was all the same!

"Least, tha's how they handled it on Sanctuary III. Bloke t'ere wouldn't let me 'ave his bar 'cus I had no costume on, so I did this an'.." While she was rather large for a goblin, Ren eyed the sweets nearby with similar hungry gleam in her eyes. "Lemme tell ye, it worked."

"Nooooooow I could olso sing ye a song! Anythin' for'a, uh, least one small piece of, whatever that is." Each dimension had its own flavors and shapes, and Renex had devoted herself to trying them all!

Yet something told her she was kind of too late to join the party anymore. Maybe sticking with one dimension that year would be good enough.
Katrina walked in with her daughter who was excited to be here. Katrina smiled as she opened the door for the little girl and she ran inside happily, looking up at everyone with a wide smile as she looked for someone who had some kind of candy.

Katrina looked around also, this was the one thing that she could do with her daughter since she was always busy but she had promised her daughter one festival that she would make sure to take her to. Seeing the commotion, Katrina was sure to keep her daughter away. "Sofie, be careful of them, ya?" She asked her. The little girl nodded and went to look around still for some candy.

Katrina watched as the girl looked around happily. She didn't know where she'd be if she hadn't adopted Sofie, she thought she'd be a terrible mother but she did everything she could to provide for her daughter, despite what she did for a living. She went over to a bench and sat down, grabbing a bottle of mead and drinking it slowly.
Kaldor Draigo (played by Cactus_Jones)

Draigo found this tavern after being what seemed like 3 millennia of being stuck in the warp or to others would call; "literally hell." He finally got out of there but found himself in this new land dominated by many different races but mostly humans. He liked that this shows why humanity's way of living is better than that of the Xenos.

He wanders for a little while until he came across the city of Riften where thorugh some uses intimidation is now in. He saw when entering the town a tavern in the center. What he wouldn't do for some beverages. He didn't need to drink as much because of modification but that doesn't mean he had to stop drinking and relax in this new land.

He enters the place and saw many different people hear. But because of his size, he decided to lean on the wall nearby to at least be in a somewhat comfortable position, he then stops and leans on the wall and looks around the place.

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