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Hello fellow RPRepository users! I’m in a bit of a pickle here. I cannot think of what to name my next roleplay. I need your ideas! The character I was going to use is Tatsuo ( and I was going to ask anyone for fantasy/mythical characters they had for the roleplay. I was hoping for an adventure fantasy RP. The roleplay was going to be based around all the characters’ Kings and/or Queens (or other royalty) had been taken down by the same thing. It was up to the group of close followers (perhaps even past workers for the royal beings) to take down the source of the murders. Any ideas? Whoever I chose the name from will be the first joined into the RP along with anyone else that they wish to add.

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I've used this a time or two for title inspiration:

Thank you for the idea but I was wondering if anyone on the site had any
Seeking Revenge after Regicide.

It’s horrible but I’m terrible at naming things. Your post made me curious and helped me to discover that the word regicide exists. I don’t know if any of my characters would fit with this but I hope you find someone to rp it out with!
Thank you for your idea!! It sounds pretty cool so I’ll consider it

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