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Evan (played by JetStorm)

Do as the title says,just give the character above you a theme song that is suitable for that specific character. I'll start off as Evan and you can decide his theme song. Then it'll be the next person's turn to give your character a theme song...i think i over explained this XD
Lonley boy
Adam Stone (played by Fireblaze)

Centuries, Fall Out Boy.
Dario (played by JetStorm) Topic Starter

Red by Taylor Swift.
Aladdin (played by PhantomRabbit)

Heroes of our time, DragonForce
Best of you, foo fighters

Legend's never die
Prince Siren (played by JetStorm) Topic Starter

((I love that song))

Just Like Fire by Pink
Luna Night (played by ShadowFlame2022)

Reita (played by Darkstitchblade)

Memories, by within temptation
Cold as ice by black light district
Evan (played by JetStorm) Topic Starter

Poor Unfortunate Souls
Gentleman Jack - Karliene cover of the O’Hooley and Tidow song
Ocean (played by Darkstitchblade)

Bring me to life by Evanescence.
Adam Stone (played by Fireblaze)

Ocean Eyes by Billie Eilish

Demons by imagine dragons
(Hehe inside joke)
Adam Stone (played by Fireblaze)

(Lol YAAS.)

Nyan Cat theme lol
I See Fire - Ed Sheeran
Kiro (played by Darkstitchblade)

Red - Taylor Swift
what you know by
two door cinema club

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