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SunnyD wrote:
The sign at the top of makes me wonder what distinguishes it from

When I said earlier that RPR was the first general RP site I joined, I had forgotten the experience I had on I had signed up on there when I saw the link in someone's signature a couple years ago. There was a Tolkien group on there that I tried to get some RPs going with one having legs. But the writer diisappeared, and it seemed people were more into chatting and flirting than RP'ng. I also found the site hard to use for public RP, and the PM was awkward as well. I did convince my writer friend TanMoriquende to join here when she came back there and we were going to resurrect our RP here, but it never took hold. She had her core of friends there.

Anyway.... I'll be taking my OOC talks to another site and only writing RP and building characters and stories here on RPR.

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You are on: Forums » RP Discussion » Other RP places you enjoyed?

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