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Greetings, younglings. Tis I, Psycho, with YET ANOTHER ROLEPLAY OFFER!

This time, I'm looking for a human or 'wolfless' for a roleplay featuring the collision of the human world with the wolf world in a riveting 1x1. An open sandbox world, events occur through our trifling as the two sides learn about eachother, for better or for worse.

Interested in manipulating this new land?

Then join me, send me a PM, and we shall create this universe together!

Definition of Wolfless
WolfLess are children born to two pure werewolves who did not inherit the werewolf trait, therefore being unable to shift and often being cast out, or killed. However, the few that remain mostly help around the packhouse with monetary affairs and medical assistance.

Psycho's Wolf Lore
~Werewolves have two forms: human and wolf. In wolf form, they stand typically between 4'5 and 3' at the shoulder and are feral.

~In a human form, the wolf will occasionally show itself by flashing its eye color and lengthening teeth and nails. This will happen mostly when they are irritated.

~Traits of a werewolf's human form affects the wolf form, such as their hair color and length affecting the fur, and their height affecting the size.

~Werewolves will almost always stay on their own territory even in town. Alphas will send the lowest ranking members to gather supplies in stores controlled by rival packs.

~The pack of a werewolf is seen on the crest tattooed onto their collarbone.

Details: Freeform, adjustable length posts, long-term RP partner preferred.

Interested, PM me!

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