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When you get bored to death so you try to solve murder mysteries.

So you know what, this smalltalk section is just gonna be people discussing the Dylatov Pass incident and theorizing what happened because why not?

Besides, my teacher is offering a 100% for the year if you solve it, and I love hearing everybody's conspiracy theories.

So let's discuss them aliens.

Here's a link to help you along the way!
I say hurricane or katabatic winds. But there's no telling.
Abigail_Austin wrote:
I say hurricane or katabatic winds. But there's no telling.

My best suggestion is that it got to the point that it was far too cold for most of them, leading to the later stages of hypothermia (hence the states of undress), however, along with that, perhaps something got into their tent that led them to having to escape rather swiftly, perhaps some kind of creature like a wolverine, with also explains why some were nude, as the scent was unbearable. But then perhaps they also met somebody while trying to turn back.....which explains some of the injuries, but not all...
I just watched the Dyatlov Pass episode of BuzzFeed unsolved ironically enough.

The alien theory is probably the most interesting one, but my theory is that the tenth hiker who "left near the beginning of the trip due to an illness", actually killed the other nine hikers.

It just seems way too coincidental to me that he left the trip several days in because of an illness and then all the other hikers were found dead.

So they say that the trauma that was caused had to have been caused by something stronger than a human but I still think that it could have been this man, or something happened in which he wasn't killed but was told not to say anything, he leaves and has to come back to identify the bodies and stuff when they are found but because he wasn't there people assume he doesn't know what happened and he doesn't tell anyone.

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