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It was the first day back to school. It was a rather eventful summer break, between training camp and the battle between All-Might and the one, still unnamed, Villain that left All-Might crippled, at least as far as the public was concerned. "Can't believe UA's training camp gets attacked by Villains. And ours is just boring as hell. Also can't believe they just had me keep igniting myself and burning through the clothes I brought with me." A monkey-like girl ranted as she walked to school with a boy that looked like he was half shark. "Hey at least you got to spend training camp above ground. Regirock had me tunneling through solid stone the whole damn time." The boy grumbled. "Nose is still hurting from that." He added, rubbing his snout. "Besides, I wouldn't complain about not being attacked by villains. According to the news, one of the students got kidnapped. Same kid that was one the news a year ago that got attacked by that slime dude I think. Of the villains that got arrested, one was some psychopath who was on death row. Another was a murderer, and the last was some nut job whose gas hospitalized like half the people at UA's training camp." The boy said.

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Baku (played by Dreath)

People poured into school with great muttering between themselves. Everyone was talking about either All-Might's retirement or the UA training camp attack.
"Makes this school seem better in comparison. Least we're not attacked several times a semester by a bunch of murderous psychopaths." A short boy with a purple bowl cut like hair with small dark purple horns out the side of his head and green eyes says shrugging beside a thin boy wearing blue. The taller boy was slender and stood closer to six foot compared to the shorter boy being only around five four. The taller boy had large tired looking eyes and wore what looked like a blue jumpsuit.
"Yea and I just thought the pressure would be the hardest thing to face those students. Wouldn't have expected attacks. Then there's that incident with All-Might..." He shivered at the thought. "That was unnerving."
"Yea it was Fredrick. Though the authorities don't seem worried. I think." Replies the short one as is takes a final swig of a water bottle. Looking over to a bin he swirls his hand and a spark of energy forms above it forming a golden ring. With his over hand he swirls in front of him and another forms. Throwing the bottle through it comes out and lands in the bin. Fredrick rolls his eyes.
"You know we're not meant to use our quirks for laziness." He shakes his head while moving.
"Jealous?" Fredrick doesn't say anything but continues walking with an eye roll. The portals then fizzle away a second later.
"Well at least it was something!" The girl said. "Besides they found him and saved him before the Villains could really do anything to him." She said. "Still got kidnapped. Can't imagine how terrified he might've been." The shark boy said. "Oh please, it was the same kid they had to muzzle and chain to a post at the sports festival. I'd bet he was more pissed off than he was scared." She said, as they got the school.

All the students quickly gathered in their classes, before the teachers showed up. The gossip of the students didn't stop. Eventually they did shut up once the teacher, the Witch hero, Mismagius, entered the room. As expected by her title she was dressed up as a witch, wearing a large purple witch's hat, a long purple cloak with magenta trim. On a few exposed portions of skin she had red gems growing out of her body, namely three on her chest and hips. "Well I see you've all been talking about the latest news." She said.
Baku (played by Dreath)

"Rather hard not to." Says a purple haired boy in the middle row. He had spiked purple hair and a resting face that always seemed to be smirking. He wore blue jeans and a dark purple buttoned up shirt with runners. "Will these recent events be effecting the semester in any way?" Fredrick, who was sitting next to the monkey girl asks as he raised his hand before immediately speaking.
"Right now? No. Later on in the semester, more than likely." Mismagius said. "I'm going to be completely honest with you. All-Might was probably one of the more important pillars in society. His presence in Japan alone was enough to get a good deal of the smarter villains to go into hiding. With All-Might gone, most of those villains will probably feel more bolstered in coming back out of hiding. Especially since the new number 1 hero, in my opinion at least, isn't half the hero All-Might was. So more than likely all of the hero schools in Japan will have to modify their curriculums to some degree to compensate." Mismagius. "Hopefully no one particularly bad shows up in the mean time." She added.

"Anyways, that's enough doom and gloom for now." Mismagius said before moving onto the roll call.
Baku (played by Dreath)

The roll call went off with complete attendance. Despite the teachers reassurance that all was fine there was an ever present unease. Rumors and speculation spread like wildfire. The teachers spoke in private and there was ever a sense of unease. Still appearances were kept up. Classes went on without much in the way of excitement till the lunch break. In the cafeteria students gathered in groups of their friends and chatted, laughed, flirted and teased with one another.
"Ever wonder if all the Heroes have a script for this thing?" The purple haired boy asks Fredrick as they get their trays for lunch. Fredrick cocks an eyebrow.
"What're you talking about Hank?" He asks confused. Hank looks to him with a wide grin. He was a bit creepy but didn't seem to cause much trouble.
"Oh you know. What Mismagius said in class. Feel like I've heard basically the same thing from reporters, heroes and everyone else in a position of power both with and without the jab at Endeavor." The two spoke as they were walking away.
"Guess I never thought of it." Fredrick cocks an eyebrow while looking at Hank as they spoke and walked. As they did Fredrick was unaware of a ghostly hand over his tray. While he was distracted the hand grabbed the small serving pudding cup on his tray and quickly moves back behind him. Hank smirks.
"Yea. Well see you in class." He says abruptly and turns to head the other direction. Fredrick looks a little turned around by the abruptness.
"Ugh bye?" He says turning to make his way to his shorter friend at a table. As he watches Hank leave for a moment he notices a second pudding cup on his tray. Looking back to his own as he reaches his table he sees his gone.
"Hey frog boy! You gonna eat that?" Mako loudly asked sitting at the table with Frederick. The two had known each other for a while. "Think you could repeat that, but louder this time? I think the people on the other side of the cafeteria couldn't hear you." Bruce said. "TOTALLY! YOU GONNA EAT THAT?!" Mako shouted, mostly just to bother Bruce.
Baku (played by Dreath)

"First thing's first. Hey Hop." Fredrick says to the shorter boy.
"Make a portal above Hank." Hop looks at him confused.
"Cause karma's a bitch." Fredrick replies with an annoyed look.
"Man you're impulsive sometimes. But if you insist." Hop says beginning to draw a circle with his right hand. He stares above Hank and a small portal opens. Fredrick smirks and taps the table. Hop then makes another portal there with his left hand. Each one the size of a dinner plate. Fredrick smirks and takes a deep breath as be begins to foam at the mouth. He begins to release a handful of small, white foamy bubbles into his hands. With a smug smirk he drops the bubbles into the portal. Hank goes to take a bite from his lunch when suddenly a bunch of foamy bubbles drop on him. Covering his hair, hands and food.
He looks up panicked and sees the portal as it closes.
"That's not fair using your quirk!" He says swinging up his arms but his hands and tray are stuck. so he swings it up sending contents that aren't stuck flying.
Before Frederick sent his bubbles through, Mako's hand shot through the portal. "Yoink!" She said before snatching one the Puddings. "Heh-heh." She snickered as she began to eat it. "So wassup?" Mako asked Frederick.
Baku (played by Dreath)

"Tell that to your wandering hands." Fredrick teases as he turns from the now sticky Hank. Hank scowls at Fredrick as he tries to shake the tray from his hands. As Fredrick begins eating Hans summons his ethereal hands. Smirking the ghostly limbs move behind Hank's head and as he takes a spoonful of soup the hands push his face into it. Hank bursts out laughing as Fredrick pulls back from the soup. He coughs as he's now covered in his former meal.
"Guess we're even now." Hans says sitting down and huffing. Meanwhile Hop laughs nervously.
"Well ugh. Not much before this." He replies to Mako.
Mako couldn't help but snicker at the sight. Bruce rolled his eyes. "What a bunch of children." He muttered to himself.

"C'mon Mimi, you can't go your whole life with just one friend." Spoke a boy. Similarly to his cousin Mako, this boy had a few monkey like traits. He had purple fur, and a long prehensile tail ending with a large three fingered hand. It held his lunch tray as he grabbed various plates of food. He wore a simple t-shirt with the Thudnerstorm Hero, Pikachu's logo on it, under a blue hoodie, and a pair of blue jeans. "Yeah, but I don't want you to think I'm ditching you though. And I feel like I am if I do that." Mimi replied. Oddly she was covered head to toe. She wore a long-sleeved sweater, a pair of gloves, a long sleeved shirt beneath it, a pair of grey leggings, boots, and oddly a full head mask with bunny ears poking out of the top of it. The only parts of her the were exposed was her poofy curly hair.

"Don't worry about it. I know you get lonely and bummed out when I'm busy, so that's why you need more friends." He said, before spotting Mako's table. "Hey, there's my cousin. We'll go sit with them." The boy said, before grabbing the last of his food and heading to Mako's table. Mimi whined before following. "Hey Saru, wassup?" Mako said when she spotted the boy. "Not much." Saru said, setting his stuff down. Shortly after he sat down, a sudden unease washed over everyone. "Um... H-h-hi." Mimi stammered, taking a seat next to Saru.
Baku (played by Dreath)

Hank grumbled to himself as he got up and started to flail around the tray. Stuck to his hands the foam was like an incredibly powerful glue. After about two minutes the foam began to dissolve. Become more of a slime as it bubbled away and Hank could then drop the trey and free his hands. Over this time Fredrick had wiped his face of soup and by now cooler heads resided. From the corner of the room teachers including Regirock watched them.

As Saru and Mimi came over Hop smiled.
"Hi?" He asks with a confused wave. Fredrick looked to the two and recognized Saru.
"Hey Saru. Who's your friend?" He asks smiling at Mimi. His hair brushing over his eyes like bangs as he pushes it back up.
"This is Mimi." Saru introduced. "Am I the only one whose suddenly really nervous?" Mako asked, before Mimi let out a whine and sunk in her seat. "Is that your quirk?" She asked. "I-I'm sorry! I'm not trying to do it on purpose! I-I dunno how to turn my quirk off! Please don't ha-" Mimi suddenly blurted. "Hey-hey chill! Not everyone's quirk is exactly friendly. When I was a little girl my parents had to get me fire proof clothes and carry a fire extinguisher with them everywhere we went because I'd ignite when I got excited. It's fine." Mako said, trying to get the obviously nervous Mimi to relax. "When I was little I'd always vibrate when I got angry. Spilled a lot of stuff and broke a couple things before." Bruce added.
Baku (played by Dreath)

As Mimi approached Fredrick shivered. He felt a heaviness in his chest and a feeling of dread come over him. Not unlike anticipation for a scare. He felt his palms go sweaty and he took a slow breath to ease himself.
"Don't worry. Even now if I sneeze out of the blue I can stick up an area." He gives a wave to ease the tension. "So your quirk is some kind of pressure? You make people feel uneasy?" He adds managing to shake off the sensation. Hop digs his heel into Fredrick's foot. They exchange glances from the corner of their eyes. "That could be helpful, with throwing villains and criminals off their game during a mission." He then adds to cover up an obviously sensitive topic.
"It-It's kinda like that." Mimi stammered. "My quirk makes anyone who looks at me really scared." Mimi said. "Sounds really useful for dealing with villains, honestly." Bruce chimed in. "Yeah." Mimi said shakily. "I-I just wish pe-people weren't always afraid of m-me." She added. "Well, maybe you'll figure out how to control your quirk later on?" Mako suggested. "Like I said before, when I was little I couldn't control my fire powers, but now that I'm older I can self ignite with a semi literal snap of the fingers!" Mako said.

Elsewhere, several people gathered in a large house. "Glad we're getting back together Boss." Spoke one of them, a towering figure whose skin was a green, armored hide. "I'm assuming you called us all here because of All-Might?" Spoke a much smaller woman. She wore leopard print clothing.
Baku (played by Dreath)

"Well we aren't running in fear. So maybe you can control it better than you think." Fredrick gave a reassuring smile as he looked over to Mako and her spontaneous yet well meaning example. He felt a bit nervous as her explosive nature was brought up more prominently.
"So how'd you go with entry? It would seem they think your quirk has some Hero promise since you were allowed in. Even if the requirements here are a little lax." Hop says hoping to give them a chance to talk about themselves here may help a bit.

"Aren't you two perceptive. Some ace sleuths here." Chuckles a slender man in red and wearing intricate iron gauntlets. He toyed with with a small tv remote between his fingers. Beside him was a small glass of some form of alcohol. Whisky of some kind as the group waited. Tensions simmered as no one exactly cared for anyone else in the room.
"I-I can't." Mimi stammered. "It's bec-because my clothes keep people from looking at me directly." Mimi. "Well don't worry about it, you'll get control over it eventually." Saru said, patting Mimi on the shoulder with his tail hand. "I didn't do too good on the physical side of things. My quirk doesn't make me strong or fast or anything, and it doesn't work on robots, but I did good on the written half, and the judges of the exam thought my quirk would be useful for dealing with villains." Mimi explained.

The tall green man snarled, shooting a glare at the man in red. The Woman rolled her eyes. "It's obvious I called you here because of All-Might." Spoke the large man sat at at a table. He was clearly older than the others present. "With All-Might out of the picture, that leaves everyone with Endeavor. It'd be stupid to pretend he's not a threat, but he's no All-Might, and I doubt he'll be able to really put a stop to our little business here." He explained. "So, first order of business is rebuilding. Bisharp, get in touch with everyone whose still with us." The man said, looking to the man in red. "Tyrannitar, you're on recruiting duty. Something tells me with the Symbol of peace out of the way, things're about to get a lot more hectic for heroes for the next couple of months." He said with a grin.
Baku (played by Dreath)

"Considering the types of Villain movements lately being able to pacify one or more of them at a time would be instrumental in maintaining peace in the coming months." Fredrick adds before the bell rings and everyone begins to get up for their next class. "Back to the grind." He sighs as everyone begins to slowly get up as teachers shuffle people along.

"They'll be a bit desperate now to maintain what order they can. We'll work best to remain quiet for now. After all recent robberies and other small time crime has almost tripled so we should have quiet the distraction to move." Bisharp adds his own comments in. "I'll get onto who would still be useful but I must ask. What is the current goal? I wouldn't think you'd bring us all back with no plan?"
"See you ugys." Saru said before they all headed off to their class rooms.

"Right now, it's just to rebuild our numbers. Long term, take our foothold in the criminal underworld back. Maybe take over another organization to get more control." The man said. "Excellent idea, boss." Tyrannitar said. "If we're doing recruitment and need to lay low for it, shouldn't osmeone else other than Tyrannitar take it up?" Spoke the woman. "It's not exactly like the jolly green giant here is subtle." She added, recieved a glare from Tyranitar. "I can be low key whenever I want!" He roared.
Baku (played by Dreath)

"Unless we're focusing on seedy bars and clubs his overly aggressive nature will likely draw the attention of any number of cops or worry worts." Bisharp adds chugging the last bit of his drink in a single swig. "Why does most of your booze taste of Cinnamon?" He says with a cocky smirk. Putting the glass down he stands. "I do have an idea regarding recruitment and putting Tyran here to good use. If I may be heard out?" He says with a sarcastic bow as if asking permission.

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