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oof! I recently made a criminal boy named Ayde, and I really wanna do some spicy romance rp things w/him- here’s a mini bio:
Name: Ayde Mallory
Gender: Male
Occupation: Hitman
Current town he’s in?: Moscow, Russia
Personality: Smug, charming, he’s basically a handsome asshat
Appearance: Long curly black hair, red eyes, a charmer ass smile~

Here’s a little starter possibly?:
After stumbling into the dim lit, almost quiet bar, Ayde sat down in one of the old bar chairs. His right hand, which was wrapped in a bandage, raised and pointed a finger upwards.
“V...Vodka, please...~”
The bartender hesitated; he already seemed drunk. But...that was just his personality kickin’ in. The hitman knocked on the bar table a couple times with his left hand before speaking up again. His voice was smooth, but husky at the same time.
“I said, Vodka, please...~”
The bartender scrambled away, and began to pour him a shot of vodka.
Ayde straightened, and turned his head to see a girl next to him. With that classic idiotic smile still on his face, he reached over and tapped the girl’s shoulder.
“What’s a cute thing like you...doin’ in this here bar, hm?~”

(-Please be able to respond with at least 3 sentences! I can write up to 2 paragraphs, that’s my comfortable amount at least!)

Hope y’all might be interested :D!
I'm interested
kon_peito Topic Starter

pm me^^
Are you looking to rp with only a cop?
kon_peito Topic Starter

nope! It can be a cop, criminal, etc!
kon_peito wrote:
nope! It can be a cop, criminal, etc!

Mm I have Miia who is more if a stoner and low drugs. I think her as a runaway would fit well.

I also have an assassin Aki who is looking for her sister. So they would be working together.

Personally I think I would like to use Miia but if you like Aki we could go that way as well.
I just sent you a PM *^*
Oh my goodness, this is already super spicy, could do this?
kon_peito Topic Starter

kon_peito wrote:
Do I you?
Lindsey Root (played by dssieri)

Hey! If your still open i'm down to doing this.
kon_peito Topic Starter

alwaystheOptimist wrote:
kon_peito wrote:
Do I you?
yep :>
Is the offer to rp this still up? ^^'

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