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Dark Eagle (played by Queen__BEE)

“All of you have been handpicked by the government. For whatever ever reason you are here for, your now the government property meaning no one can know who you are, or where we are, what we’re doing. None of that. What happens on this team stays on this team, whatever past life you had, you no longer will have. Do I make myself clear?" Standing at the front of the room, speaking is Dark Eagle. Her arms are crossed her chest, her jet black hair holding a body wave, sitting perfectly on her shoulders. Dark Eagle is wearing a black knee-length skirt black laced heels and a white blouse. It would make her day if someone tried to look down on her, she loved showing off her dominance. “Now you all will no longer go by your real names.” She said looking at each person in the room. Her voice almost echoed in the tight glasses walled conference room where they were all located at.

“ Damien-Red Eagle- 22943, understand?"
“Axel Ozul- Yellow Eagle- 22932, understand?”
“Jessica Everdream- Blue Eagle- 22976, Understand?”

“We will be leaving in 30. My name is Dark Eagle and I will be this team leader, does anyone have any question for me?” She asked the room,
Axel Ozul (played by FlamingPsycho)

Axel, sitting near the back of the room, nodded begrudgingly. Ugh, yellow. What an unsatisfying color to go with an equally as unsatisfying name. But truly, how well did he prefer to verbally fight, rather than just mess with private equipment and make their lives hell instead. And so he watched Dark Eagle with glittering eyes, uncaring about the government and their ridiculous choices of names but instead thinking about the assignment at hand.

Secret, eh? He always was one for secrets, though he'd prefer if their assignment was dictated clearly. Really, it saved a headache for anyone and everyone involved. But he supposed with the government backing it, it would be something absolutely festive. Besides, that was why he had agreed first off, though he was more in this for the pecuniary benefits, choosing to give his top-notch services to whoever appealed to him more. For now, that was the government, though that could always end soon enough. But, ah, it was not the time to think of that now!

He blinked, turning his attention back onto the strutting woman at the front of the room, ready to go. Time to go screw stuff up, get paid, and then hopefully get home to where he could do stuff he would much rather be doing.
Damien was comfortably leaning back against his seat, watching the woman with a raised eyebrow. He thinks to himself, 'Another government lap-dog, barking out their orders. Probably doesn't even know the real reason we're going to wherever the **** they want us to go,' he sighs and licks his lips, relaxing himself before looking around at the others in the room. He looks to the woman again as his name is mentioned.

He chuckles slightly before turning it to a yawn and stretching. He begins speaking with a faux British accent "I have quite a few actually, love, but I'll start out with an easy one," he clears his throat, as if beginning a truly important question before asking, "Who on God's green Earth, came up with the God-awful codenames?" he asks, and for extra effect, tilts his head to the side confused. "I have a few more, but I'll save 'em for after you answer that one, love" he says before slowly leaving forwards and smiling at 'Dark Eagle'.

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