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I have a new character that has been in my mind for quite a while. I would just like some opinions on it.

I was thinking of a dragon named Oizys.

Fun fact: Oizys is the Greek goddess of depression, anxiety, and grief.

Oizys will be very depressed. Almost to the point where she won’t be able to sleep.

Since I am in the Wings of Fire fandom, I wanted her to be a RainWing.

She will have cuts on her arms, but she’ll say that they’re tattoos. Oizys will have dull colours, like a dull purple, or a dull grey.

I’ll explain more once I get her posted. Please, give me some opinions, so I could fix her up, if needed.
I'm gonna be super blunt just because there isn't a lot to work off of here and idk Wings of Fire. Are you sure you're not writing a borderline ablest(?) caricature of depression? Do you think you're handling this with enough grace and acknowledgement to the fact she's still a person? I'm not saying she's a caricature, but at face value she comes off to me as just solely being the type of generic wattpad depression (//gentle tease wheeze) and nothing else and that's... kind of bad rep, in turn, almost bad writing my honest opinion.

Basically what i'm asking is - what else is she other than just gently stylized depression?
Now this is probably easily explained by "Oh!! Dragons in Winds Of Fire are caricatures of Gods!!" but again sdfsdf idk anything about WoF, sorry!!
(Quick thing: I know Wings of Fire, I've read most of the books :D)

I think it's good that you want to write a character with depression, but you must be sure to write your character with a lot of care. Make sure to spend time researching depression, as it is a serious topic. My only other comment is that you should probably add in more traits and hobbies to Oizys aside from her depression. Depression shouldn't be what defines your character, it should only be an aspect of your character.
^^ It also seems to be her sole drive over her appearance as well and choice of race, assuming RainWings are as they sound. She's muted and dull because muted and dull colors are sad like how depression is sad. She's rainy because rain's sad like how depression is sad. I get and often enjoy characters whose appearance is symbolic of their personality. However, that is a VERY thin line to walk and can, not in this case, sometimes lead to some wild racial implications (s/o to history that wild, chaotic creature of the grimdark) and be VERY caricaturizing of things that should not be caricatured, such as mental illness.
I think there's a really good way to keep Oizys as a muted colored, rainy creature that's been to be 'representative' of 'depression' in a unique, narratively interesting way if you're interested in hearing!!

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