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This is where you chat with other people, describe abilities and describe about the plot.

You have a strong connection to the Force.

But you knew that. You were being trained by a Sith Lord, whose name is unknown. However, you have been feeling the pain of multiple people you killed as 'tests' So you decide to have enough. You decide tonight that your gonna leave. With 3 others you found that joined, you leave the Sith Camp and see where your place is in the universe.

Force Ability:

Lightsaber Color:

Dual-Wield/Double-sided lightsaber(Basically Darth Maul Lightsaber):

You can only choose 1 Force Ability over 3, which is Force Lightning, Force Push, and Mind Warp. Over time, your character ability will only get stronger as their connection to the Force gets stronger.
Name: Herald Jones

Ability: Force Lightning

Lightsaber color: Purple

Double-sided Lightsaber
Name: Yasuo

Force Ability: Lightning

Lightsaber Color: Green

Name: Asrosham

Force ability: Lightning

Lightsaber color: Red

(Is the dual-edge blade an essential part, or is it optional?)
((Ok, then just the one blade, please.))
Force Lightning: Allows you to channel electricity through the body. You can use it to attack or power up or shot machines. Over time, you can use this to enhance your attack, charging your lightsaber with electricity.

Force Push: You can grab or push enemies with telekinesis. Over time, you could grab Tie FIghters and throw them. You can also tear apart objects to use them as weapons as well.

Mind Trick: Trick people using the Force. Your ability will grow, to the point where you could make enemies fight against their allies.

Don't worry. You still have all this. Just your character will specialize using one ability, and the others won't be as strong.
Name: Alexandria Jarring or Alex and AJ for short

Force ability: Mind Trick

Lightsaber color: Blue

Modified Lightsaber
Name: Lauren Zumalt

Force Ability: Force lightning

Lightsaber color: Blue


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