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Yasuo (played by dantefrancis)

Yasuo was in a cell, training in the way of Jar'Kai, a fighting using dual lightsabers. Some chose the same, some chose one, and some made their own Lightsabers. Not that he didn't care. But he was tired of killing and was tired of using the sabers to other uses. So one rainy night, he decides while walking through a hallway, to short out the power supply, and using the lightsabers would cut a hole, and jumped down. At the same time, he uses the force to get the other siths in training, as he liked to call them, saying that if you want to espace, now the time.He'll be waiting outside the entrance.
AJ had been altering her lightsaber again when she heard Yasuo's message. She sighed and stood up, the guards tried to stop her as she went to the entrance. She waved her hand and the went back to there posts as if they never saw her leave. She continued doing this until she was at the entrance and found Yasuo. "Hey."
Jones heard the message along the way a couple of guards were there to stop him but he quickly dispatched them and used the force to move and hide the bodies. He eventually he saw Yusao at entrance and nodded at him.
The Extras (played by Arcol)

Asrosham had just finished his latest test - another combat simulation - when he heard the alarms begin to blare loudly. Taking this as the signal by Yusao, he rushed to the entrance, killing anyone who blocked his path.
They were meditating in the center of their cell. It was a small cubicle, furnished only by a single bench. A forcefield blocked the entrance of the cell. Touching it would electrocute them. They had grown accustomed to their cell. It was the only home they had, the only comfort they knew.

They sat on the floor, cross-legged, their hands clasped together, as they reached for the force. They had done this for years. With intense focus, with rigorous self-training, they had extended a hand toward the force. They had brushed upon it, they felt its presence, but never enough to be able to utilize it. They had fueled themself with hatred, frustration, with a burning passion to succeed. But it never came to them.

The forcefield whirred and deactivated. An objected clattered on to the floor in front of them. Their eyes opened. The forcefield was back up again. Their eyes landed on a tray with food. They crawled over to it. There was a plate full of a brown, slimy mush and a cup of water placed beside it. There were no utensils, no napkins. Their hands greedily scooped up the mush, gobbling and shoveling it in their mouth as quickly as they could. With a messy hand, they picked up their cup and gulped it down in one go. They slammed the cup on the tray, the imprints of their hand still on the cup.

They wiped their mouth using their wrist. The food itself was not actually good. But the satisfaction it brought to their hunger was good enough. As they scooted back to where they were, shifting around to find a more comfortable position, they closed their eyes. They inhaled slow, deep breaths and exhaled at the same speed.

They felt something. They felt a message. A voice, almost whispering in their ear, yet was not present. Their eyes opened with a glimmer of something, with a new sensation, both familiar and forgotten. Something they had felt before, many, many years ago as a child.

Hope. It was a message from another Sith apprentice. A chance to escape. They looked upon the glowing forcefield again. They rose and stepped forward. Each inch forward, they could hear the increasing whirring noise of the shield. It beckoned them like a moth to a light. They had done this exact thing before. They rode upon the delusions of hope, that they might be able to escape, and like a blind fool, touched the shield and burned nearly their entire body trying to get across. None of that matter in this instance. A fellow Sith had reached out to them. That was enough to bring about hope. A new sense of energy.

Their linen-wrapped hands grasped at the field. They stepped closer, closer. The light grew brighter, brighter. The force felt closer, closer.
Yasuo (played by dantefrancis)

"We aren't all here. There's another Sith Lord.I'm going back. You guys see if you can get a cruiser with a light drive. And WAIT. I don't care if you have to fight stormtroopers by the thousands, I don't care if you have to tackle with TIE Fighters. Just wait."Yasuo would then run back to the original entrance.

"Ok...I didn't think this."Yasuo said. He ran threw the tower. Until Stormtroopers came in his way."I'm not fighting you guys. So put the blasters down, and let's chat."The stormtroopers aim."It's gonna be like that...Oh well, can't say I tried."Yasuo would then take out one lightsaber, and threw it at the trooper. Then as a demented boomerang, chopped them down one by one, before summoning it back in his hand. Hey, he couldn't grab TIE Fighters, but he can do neat tricks like that. Yasuo would think,and said, "Screw it.", before stabbing the wall.

Holding Cell
There would a green Lightsaber cutting an X before it disappears before the X was forcefully pushed away."You're not good at listening to a message that says, 'We're leaving the Sith?' are you? And before you ask, Yes I climbed threw the induction system.I'm not fighting wave after wave of a stormtrooper."Yasuo said."I disabled the Fans power source and crushed a few of them."

He then heard a group of Troopers coming this way." have two choices.1)You come and leave. Or 2) I leave you here."
The Extras (played by Arcol)

“He’d better not take too long,” the Sith Pureblood muttered, blocking a number of blaster bolts as he did so, “or I’m going to leave without him. I’d bet you’d do the same in my place.”
They looked over at the sith apprentice, their eyes glowing with joy. Tears glistened in their yellow gaze. They walked out of the cell, nodding to the sith with a wide smile. Much of their forehead was covered by a linen cloth.

Their hand touched the bottom of their lip and motioned downward, signing to the apprentice, "Thank you." They followed after the sith.
Yasuo (played by dantefrancis)

After that, he went through the ventilation system. He then went out, but it was in a different area."Damn...", he got up from the vent and looked around."This is nowhere near the entrance."But he heard a lot of blasters shots."And they're fighting a thousand stormtroopers."
"Personally, I will be heading and go commandeer an Arquitens- light cruiser I believe is docked in the port currently. I'm leaving with you or not, I don't care but if you want off this planet follow me." Jones then left the building and then began sneaking his way to the port.
They stayed inside the vent, looking on with mesmerized eyes. Blaster bolts whizzed left and right. It was a disorienting sight. Stormtroopers charged at Sith apprentices wielding all sorts of lightsabers. Stormtroopers fired shots at the apprentices, the apprentices countered with a flick of their saber.

Lightsaber, lightsaber... Speaking of which, where were their lightsabers? They felt around their belt. Nothing. They crawled out of the vent and gestured to the Sith apprentice from before.

I need my lightsabers!
Yasuo (played by dantefrancis)

"You...left them?"

How can you leave the only thing that you can fight with?!Yasuo then sighed looked at them. Yasuo would give them, his lightsabers, before saying, "I want them back when I come back."Yasuo would then go back in vents to get their lightsabers.

"Who forgets their Lightsabers?"Yasuo said while looking for them. When he did, he used the force to quickly grab them and ran back to the vents. After that, he was ambushed by Flame troopers."Got to be kidding me..."

Upon hearing bolts, he used the apprentice's lightsabers and cut a hole through the floor, and when they fell, he quickly shocked with electricity,and climbed out."This is the last time I'm going back to the tower."
She nodded to Jones, "We better go before the alert the other siths." She walked over to a pedestrian and started talking, after about ten minutes she got annoyed and waved her hand and the thing gave her his speeder. She hopped on and drove over to the group. "Need a lift?"

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