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i really want to make some more characters as i feel like i’ve only had the same four for way too long. sadly, i struggle very much with finding a background for a new character, as well as their personality and so on. so please give me your tips and what not - hopefully they can also help somebody else out! :D
Well... given how many characters I have you'd think I'd be able to write an entire book on this. I don't know if any of this is helpful but:

1. The first thing I usually do when I want to make a new character is look through face claims I have book marked in the past, or just new ones, search face claim gifs, find the ones that catch my eyes.

2. Once I have found a specific face claim that really inspires me, if I didn't get an immediate idea while looking at them, I look at a bunch of their gifs and photos and think... what is their name?

3. After coming up with a name, I decide how old they are, and then imagine their passions. If I am uncertain, I think of what passions very few of my characters or even none of my characters have. I think about what kind of character I want to write, what would separate them from the rest of my characters. (Which is difficult when you have 60+)

4. After figuring out their passions, what they like, don't like, their job and whether it's related to their passion or is a common job while they figure out how to make a career out of their passion... I think, okay, who are their parents, and what is there relationship with them? Do they have siblings? Did they grow up in a happy, abusive, or mixture of the two, home?

5. After that I think... okay how was their school life, friend life, dating life, as a teenager? What things happened as a teenager that might have effected their personality, mental, emotional, or physical health?

6. If they are a fantasy character, have magic, ect, I think about what abilities they have, how they work, how they have used them through their life.

7. I think about what they are doing now, where they are in the current point of their life that any RP's will likely start at.

There's some more most likely I'm missing but those are what came off the top of my head. Feel free to message me if you have any specific questions :)
you really delivered step by step tutorial, almost :’) thank you so much!!

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