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Agamemnon (played by Oldtimer)

Thirty-five hundred years have passed since the great King Kartosh defeated the wicked Agamemnon, Leviathan of Distortion, by slaying him with the Blade of Sealing, the mightiest weapon to ever have been. The demons have been driven back, and civilization has come to rise mightily. The lands are blessed and bountiful, with the harvests ripe and the skies once again, a shining blue. An era of stability has come to fruition, with the kingdom of Kartosia rising to unite the tribes and cities under one banner. The land is ruled by a powerful council of the Twelve Houses: Braute, Rose, Young, Damantus, Sevilon, Rumor, Highbrook, Paltrow, Borgant, Tuoka, Jesh, and Sapphire.

The line of the kings, the house of Versus, directly oversees this council, directly descended from King Kartosh himself. The house of Versus rules the kingdom of Kartosia to maintain order, prosperity, and peace. But infighting within the royalty of the kingdom is common, to the point of deposition and violence. At one point, there were fifteen houses: for the families and lords of the houses of Zayne, Reighlarc, and Canova fell. These petty civil wars have driven the lower districts of Kartosia to a ruin which was unforeseen: the balance of wealth between the upper echelons of Kartosia keeps the council and their correspondents fed and with luxuries that those in the poorer districts cannot even begin to dream of. The festivals of the harvest which once brought harmony to the people of Kartosia are now a sign of this oligarchy’s influence over Kartosia. The people cry out to be heard, but the cries fall on the willful ignorance of the council, and the deaf ears of the house of Versus.

Thus, the sparks of revolution began to ignite: the people began to rise up against the Kartosian council, only to be quickly stifled by elite military forces in the employ of some of the most prominent of the council. Some within the council, such as the house of Sapphire and Paltrow, stand in protest - but are powerless against the majority of the council, whose forces have been trained generation after generation to serve the line of Kartosh: and yet, the young king of Kartosia, Aeleco, is nowhere to be found, having never made a public appearance since his birth eleven years ago. But matters were to become far worse than the trivial rebellions, resistance groups, or the economic matters of the council’s table.

The seal which King Kartosh’s blade placed on Agamemnon's Legions has begun to crumble, with demonic rituals slowly consuming the force that holds back the apocalypse. Reports of men assuming forms of demonic and preternatural abominations have become widespread, manifesting into even what the nightmare’s eyes cannot begin to conjure. Yet the council maintains and reinforces their politics: those who are neither born of royal blood nor in the employ of the council are not allowed beyond the walls which lead to the central district of Kartosia. In fact, the policy has strengthened: if one is of an ignoble beastfolk race, there is no room for their kind within Kartosia’s high districts, and they are to be executed immediately, as their blood has the “spirit of demons” flowing through it.

The houses of Sapphire and Paltrow have defected from the council in this trying time, with Sapphire gathering their ancient artifacts and weapons as well as the Paltrows offering their engineers and architects to construct shelter for the poor and the Beastfolk alike. The council has strongly disapproved of this action, and banished the Sapphires and Paltrows from entering the walls of the upper district: but it is believed that the council has more sinister plays at hand, and some rumors indicate that the council is responsible for the disintegration of the seal which keeps Agamemnon’s power sealed away into the darkness. Will the seal break, as the world is consumed by darkness? Or will a piercing light prevail, shattering the grip of the demons and tyrants that rule Kartosia?


Welcome to the world of Kartosia, a world based on a homebrew version of Dungeons and Dragons, fifth edition, made simple. In this world, it is harsh, grueling, and unkind - yet all sorts of magical wonders litter this world. There is a diverse group of creatures that dwell within Kartosia, and a great array of characters for you to meet. This world will be opening for two groups of four. There will be some dice rolls to determine your character’s abilities in combat and stats. You are born from a nonmagical background to a race of your choice - your group will be working from the bottom as nobodies, and gaining strength and abilities as you grow. The expectation for roleplay within this universe will be paragraph to multi-paragraph, and long-term. If you do not believe that you can adjust to such a commitment or standard, I advise you do not register for the campaign.

There are many available races and classes to play. If you would like to play a custom race or class that is not listed below, please bring it to my attention and we can work something out. Races that are considered Beastfolk will be marked with *.

Races (Click for image):

Masters of concoctions, these genius chemists use their knowledge of science for both support and offense. And other things.

Adept with the bow and arrow, these expert marksmen take pride in never missing their targets, be it man or beast.

Charmers of all wherever they go, these musical whizzes can instill morale in anyone who listens to their stories.

Beast Tamer
Beast tamers are often better with animals than people, and can often be seen riding into battle with their companions or on their trusty, yet unconventional steeds.

These monstrous battlers lay waste to everything in their wake by using their uncontrollable rage as their weapon.

A brawler needs only their fists and whatever improvised weapons they can get their hands on to turn the tables in close quarters combat.

These odd individuals take pride in their ability to not only communicate with the dead, but use them in combat and learn secrets from beyond the grave.

A rather exotic yet unusual profession, the art of dance can be used to not only entertain the masses, but channel unique and interesting forms of magic.

Dark Mage
These individuals lurk among the shadows and have full mastery of the darkness, sharpening their blades and strengthening their spells with the umbra.

Antisocial hermits who dwell deep within the forest, these shapeshifters are friends to animal and plant alike, and can even control them at will.

Tinkerers and artificers who imbue magical and technological prowess into their work, creating contraptions with all sorts of different uses.

To live is to know pain. By breaking their flesh, they strengthen their minds, and are often near impossible to bring down, as to them, torture is ecstasy.

Kings of the arena, they can take almost any weapon handed to them and charge headstrong into one on one duels better than any other type of fighter.

One shovel means one grave at a time: but the Gravediggers know their shovels and their cemeteries better than anyone. When it comes to the living dead, there's no better person to put them back from where they came.

Guns are a new innovation in this world, but those with the keenest of eyes and firmest of grips know better than anyone how to use these dangerous projectile weapons.

Whenever you're injured in combat, you best hope that there's a healer around that can patch you up nicely with their spells and medkits.

Cousins of the bard, jesters are wildly unpredictable and dangerously funny, laughing til the end. If chaos is amok, a jester is guaranteed to be in their natural element, thriving in the discord.

Massive, hulking warriors whose gigantic, thick armor and incredibly heavy shields give them useful crowd control abilities and absorbing damage.

With impenetrable armor and even stronger willpower, these knights are sworn to oath to protect their masters with their firm blades until their dying breath.

Quiet, studious individuals who preach peace and kindness - but their fists and feet of steel come in flurries as fast as tornadoes.

The masters of stealth and silence, armed with all sorts of poisons, knives, and light blades. If you see one coming, it is probably already too late.

Plague Doctor
Plague doctors are just as good at curing disease as they are inflicting it. Their cold, unrelenting control over life and death comes with an even more frigid gaze hidden beneath their masks.

These rogues can blend in anywhere, at any place, at any time. Masters of disguise, these cutpurses have no hesitation taking your money or your life before you can blink.

Strict warriors bound by a code of honor who would take their own lives before even dreaming of breaking it. Their blades act as an extension of their body, striking faster than lightning.

Blessed with magic from birth, their bodies act as their catalyst, being able to draw upon their inner well of magic to blast enemies into oblivion.

They've got friends on the other side and on the battlefield, with the ability to conjure ancient familiars and eidolons and rally them to their aid.

A trusty soldier whose sword and shield are their lifelines. Their skills are applicable to any combat situation.

Intelligent scholars who spend their entire lives researching and practicing all sorts of magic. Their only limit is their imagination and their patience.


Groups available:

Normal Mode (4/4) (CLOSED)
- Neemus Xercles, Lizardfolk Ninja
- Tamrur Elm Falone, Half-Orc Berserker
- Yasuo, Human Engineer
- Livana Zhaleh, Elf Wizard

Champion Mode [If you're looking for a challenge with guts and glory, this mode is the way to go! Recommended for experienced role players.] (2/4) (OPEN)
- Ailuin, Arkaine Alchemist
- Lazarus Kaisaki, Human Gunslinger


Want to join? Simply post or PM. When the party is filled, the group will be created for the extended lore to view and post freely.
Magic 90%
Magic is very common. Magic-tech, grand floating islands, forests that sing, magical creatures may be an every-day occurrence.
Technology 40%
Industrial revolution
Combat 70%
More combat than not. The setting may be at war, and the characters will likely get involved whether or not they seek it out.
Romance 20%
Romance isn't outright desired, but can happen if we decide the characters are perfect for each other. The romance won't be important to the overall plot.

Details: Occasional dice use, paragraphs required, long-term RP partner preferred.

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Neemus Xercles (played by Arcol)

This seems an exciting and worthwhile prospect; I can see my character Neemus as a Lizardfolk Ninja, he originally being an Argonian assassin.
Agamemnon (played by Oldtimer)

Neemus Xercles wrote:
This seems an exciting and worthwhile prospect; I can see my character Neemus as a Lizardfolk Ninja, he originally being an Argonian assassin.

Great! What group would you like me to put you down for?
Neemus Xercles (played by Arcol)

Agamemnon wrote:
Neemus Xercles wrote:
This seems an exciting and worthwhile prospect; I can see my character Neemus as a Lizardfolk Ninja, he originally being an Argonian assassin.

Great! What group would you like me to put you down for?

Probably the Normal mode first off, mostly because I care more for the narrative than the combat, but also just to get a feel for the subject before going right in.
Ailuin (played by Michonne)

Arkaine Alchemist here I come.
Akilena (played anonymously)

Akilena, a human sorceress might fit in some in this.:D

Not sure about normal or champion...
I would like to be an Engineer please.
I would like my character to be a berserker! I also would like to join the normal group.
Agamemnon (played by Oldtimer)

Ailuin wrote:
Arkaine Alchemist here I come.

Set! Thanks for sending me the species details. Approval has been set - please let me know if you’ll be joining the normal or champion group.
Akilena wrote:
Akilena, a human sorceress might fit in some in this.:D

Not sure about normal or champion...

Normal will be more story oriented - champion will have the same story, but will be vastly more combat-heavy. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide!
dantefrancis wrote:
I would like to be an Engineer please.

Sure! Can you send me info about your character and their race and which group you’d like to join?
Tamrur Elm Falone wrote:
I would like my character to be a berserker! I also would like to join the normal group.

Ailuin (played by Michonne)

Ah Champion hah. Hope I live up to your expectations. <3
Agamemnon (played by Oldtimer)

Ailuin wrote:
Ah Champion hah. Hope I live up to your expectations. <3

I have the utmost confidence!

Anyways! Four slots are still open.
Livana Zhaleh (played anonymously)

I think my character would fit as a wizard, though I may have to tweak a few things. Do you have room for another good sir :) ? (For normal mode, by the way)
Agamemnon (played by Oldtimer)

Livana Zhaleh wrote:
I think my character would fit as a wizard, though I may have to tweak a few things. Do you have room for another good sir :) ? (For normal mode, by the way)

Yes I do! Thank you!

Normal mode is NOW FULL. Applications for Champion Mode will now be accepted! Don't be afraid - it's not too daunting!
Agamemnon (played by Oldtimer)

Two more slots!

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