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Sarah Flame (played by SarahFlame)

I cannot seem to find the little machine icon on the bottom right of my screen to edit my page, does anybody know how to fix this issue?
That gear icon doesn't exist anymore in the main edit view. Instead, if you scroll all the way to the bottom of your page when you're in edit mode, you should see buttons that say 'Add Row' and 'Add Widget'. I think that 'Add Widget' button is probably what you're looking for. :)
Sarah Flame (played by SarahFlame)

For some odd reason those icons aren't appearing for me. I have updated to the new website but they aren't there x:
Hmmm... it might be a bug, in which case you could report it via the 'Report a Problem' menu item.

Other thoughts/questions to help troubleshoot...
  • Does the page you're looking at have this as the URL: (though with either your character's custom url or numbers in place of the xxxxxxxx?)
  • Did you have an epic membership that expired? (And now have more characters than slots?)
  • If you make another character, does it behave the same way?
  • Do the other edit option appear? (Edit Menu, Change Style, arrow buttons to rearrange widgets?)
Kim Site Admin

This has been fixed now. :)

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