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Hiya! The new update is super swanky, I've been rooting for it behind the scenes! But I've noticed that now I can't change the text on the clickable collapse "button" anymore. I generally had warnings or fun, thematic little blurbs or words to use for their names, but now it appears that no matter how I edit them, they only say "See more." Is this a bug, or is there a new way to rename them now?

I'm sorry if this comes off as unclear -- I'm talking about the thing you click to expand what's underneath the collapsible! Thanks!

(I didn't see a topic for this. If I missed it, then please do let me know. Thank you!)
You can still add words to collapse tags - in fact you can even customise them further with colour and sizes now!
[collapse name="HI THERE"]Test[/collapse]


[collapse name="This is a test " color=red size=7]Test[/collapse]

This is a test
Ooh, awesome! Thanks so much!

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