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Tord Rose (played by Pen_Tsunami)

The earth was dying a bit faster then before.
War was breaking out over either food, water, medic supplies or some other key thing in order to survive, or maybe just a conflict everyone forgot about, but since the side kept firing they kept firing. The small towns that use to exist turned into fallout towns, some looked a bit normal and cosy while others looked... run downed. Most got destroyed in the many wars that were held in the apocalyptic landscape sadly, and the few that remained now have people that act like mayors, spreading laws and such. Due to a few trust issues however, people are scared that war will break down in there own small fallout town, so they usually don’t let anyone staying in a inn stay for over 4 days max unless if they prove that they will not show any harm to the people living in the town. The people’s who’s town has been destroyed or they ran away from home stay in the desert like land that surrounds most of the earth now. People who live in the small towns sometimes call them ‘Wanderers’ since they never really have a home to go back to, unless if they build one themselves. Sadly half of the people in the waist land are bandits and the rest are there own thing, both scavenger and adventurer, trying to get into the thick forests protected by mysterious identities from the bombings to find the treasure that once belonged to the old fallen genre. Tho almost everyone has heard the rumor that turned out to be true now. A beast who created the earth has finally died due to the lack of care, and decided to give humanity another chance by putting enough of his magic in a crystal, hiding it in the only jungle left on the earth. The map was bestowed to one person, someone who has met the beast, and that someone lives in the biggest fallout city on the new map.

The crystals power was enough to restore the green to the earth and turn things back to normal almost, giving humanity another chance. But the crystal can also give someone enough power to overtake the earth completely, if given to the wrong person they won’t use it for its purpose but use it for there own gain. However the beast was well aware of this before it died. The old man hid the map away somewhere, and no one knew who this old man was. Who knows how many people were heading to the city to find the old man and retrieve the map, all I know is that Tord was one of them.

Tord didn’t have a car so he was walking. He didn’t know how long he was walking for but why did he have to live so far away from the fallout city? It really made his head swell and throne in pain thinking about how many miles he had to go under the heat of the sun that seemed more brutal in the summer, and a desperate need for warmth in the winter. Tord usually never stays in inn’s tho, and he started the trip a few hours ago, he was being a bit too dramatic with having to live so far away from the fallout city when it was only a days walk. But still, with the burning heat the sun gave off it really made him complain to the critters that would probably hear him as he trudged along. He never had a companion because he always thought he was better off alone, Tho he knew that a lack of communication with people would surely drive him insane, so every now and then he visits a town that was a neighboring town to his town and talk to a few people just to keep his sanity up. The young adult finally stopped as he finally felt green grass on his skin. He reached the forest that was usually a mark meaning he only had 5 hours left of his trip, but since it would be nightfall he didn’t trust himself to keep up with his brain demanding to rest or sleep as his legs kept pushing him on causing him to collapse. And he sure as heck wouldn’t trust anything in the waist land around his sleeping body to leave him alone. There were separate patches of forests spread around the new map, each one protected by its own guardian, a child of the beast who made the earth. This beast however, only kept herbivores and let all the carnivores out. The omnivores were ok as long as they only limit themselves to certain types of pests that take way more then there share of food. Tord just thought staying overnight wouldn’t mind, but just not to draw in attention he didn’t set up his tent, but just took out his journal to write in. Another way to not go insane for him was to write in a journal and just write your thoughts into it, or record something. Tord had his own chapter for recording knowledge and another for just thoughts on things. This writing however, was a mixture of the two but so Tord could save time he just put it on his personal thoughts chapter anyways. The forest was known for holding all sorts of fruits and herbs that can be turned into medicine, even some strange grass that serves as a bandaid or bandage, but increases the healing process. The forest was also called the forest of medication, or ‘healing’ due to the medical supply’s it held for a human. Tord just made a mental note to search and grab some of these plants and herbs for later use in his journal, and after that was out of the way he just started... complaining. Like a normal young adult would do when charged with a complex and hard task. But Tord himself was determined to find the crystal, and thankfully he knew the old man by a journal he found that an old lady gave him on his last visit to the town. He only read half, and was going to read the other half after he was done complaining. He suddenly jumped when he heard a mound snapping noise and a loud ‘Moo’. When he peeked around the tree he let out a sigh to see it was just a slightly mutated cod with 3 eyes instead of 2, starring at him as it ate its grass. “Well ‘Moo’ to you to.” Tord nodded at the cow, a bit disappointed in himself for getting scared by a creature who just had 3 eyes. Luckily the cow didn’t have any mutated powers, like aggressiveness, otherwise the beast that protected this forest would have surely kicked it out. Tord shook his head before he leaned up against a pine tree, finally sitting down as he recorded his thoughts and findings on his journey so far.

(( I think this is a decent size post for a beginner! Hello there fellow human being, if you are looking to possibly join this roleplay but you are confused on how your character might need to look like I have you covered! Here is where you can find the rules and character choices/requirements,Right here! ))
Demini (played by Great7)

Demini was on a tree resting to cure his injuries he got in an accident. His hover bike was buried in bushes and was left there to cool off. He was wearing a black facemask and hoodie to cover himself. He moved to look at the man then lost interest and turned away. He got interest again and looked to see what this man was writing. He thought to himself a plan for going to him.
Tord Rose (played by Pen_Tsunami) Topic Starter

Tord continued writing in his journal when he suddenly felt something... Just a gut feeling, y'know? He’s felt this before, the feeling of being stalked. His senses has maxed out after living by himself and surviving on his own for many years now. Suddenly he got an idea. He replaced his journal with a blank journal and let it rest on the tree stump, along with his bag pretending he was going to go look at something. If the stalker was a raider, he would know. But he didn’t want to kill a shy person just because they were shy and didn’t want to show themselves at first. Luckily Tord was also an expert on pea Kong and traps, he loved to play them on unsuspecting people just to see their faces. It was always entertaining for him, but he did have a few knives at the ready just in case.
Demini (played by Great7)

He thought for a minute and decided not to go down. He knew that there’s was no way that that man would let him touch the book. After a long discussion with himself he came up with an idea, talk to him. “Lovely forest, isn’t it”, he said to the stranger trying to sleep, “they must have a pretty good guardian don’t you think”

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