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Heimdall Moderator

I'm tentatively opening digital art commissions, which I haven't done in a while. (My leatherwork commissions, on the other hand, are always open!) These cost 30 USD and will resemble the examples below.

I tend to do these in one sitting, so I can't do a preview, but I'm willing to make small adjustments afterwards. Please make sure I have all pertinent references and descriptions before I start! If you have ideas for a certain pose or mood, I'll take those into consideration too.

There is some variety in what you may receive:
- bust or waist-up
- always colored
- always shaded
- speedpainty
- colors based on surroundings (don't expect perfect colorpicking from a ref)
- construction lines may or may not be visible
- abstract background (can be left transparent)
- edges may be crisp or a little more fluid
- stylized and cute or more serious (based on the character)







What I Draw:
Pretty much anything. OCs, closed species, robots, etc. Nudity and gore can be discussed if you're 18+. My favorite subjects include the middle ages, fantasy, Dungeons and Dragons, bara/muscles, dragons, armor, Norse stuff, scars, monsters, low fantasy, grimdark, historical, big ol' claws, scales, birds, knights, and barbarians.

Payment up front, please and thank you--if you're worried about delivery, I'd be happy to show you my Etsy feedback.

Heimdall on RPR, of course ;D
Gullintanni on Toyhouse
AThousandRasps on Instagram, Twitter, deviantArt, and Facebook

Thanks for reading! <3
Oooo, these are lovely!!!

Also putting a textual pin here for me to remember this. :D
Heimdall Moderator

Somnom wrote:
Oooo, these are lovely!!!

Also putting a textual pin here for me to remember this. :D

Excellent, thank you! :D

Finished one for someone off-site:
Absolutely SLAYING it, Heimdall!! I might have to check back in after my next paycheck... >3>

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