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In a world where everyone gets an inherent (base) ability, guilds have risen to take over, killing off people with stronger abilities to hold their place in power. A few moderate abilities may have survived, but even then, they don't use their abilities in fear of being killed. Most Guilds hold a monopoly on the abilities you can learn through bought books, and charge very high prices to get them. Many have forgotten the art of learning skills without books, as they were relied on for centuries to make gaining new skills far easier. This has left the populace at a loss for strength, and has given guilds excessive wealth for the books they sell. A party begins to form, one of its members knowing the art of natural skills, and they work to free those who have been trapped for so long.
-Characters must be human
-Characters must be 15 years or older
-Characters must have a generally weak skill (does not have to be in the bio you give, but must be stated)

-No God-Modding (You should know what this means)
-Fight Reasonably: You can't always dodge, land a critical hit, or combine skills in an unfair way.
-You can not give yourself items, skills or gold, I will do that in order to regulate fairness.
-No Sexual Content
-No Excessively Gorey Content
-No use of drugs or other substances
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 5.
I would like to play as Wyatt ( haven't made him a page yet) he would be able to see the most foreseeable future. it would only be about q5 minutes I to the future, but still future. and while he's looking into the future he is paralyzed and can't move. his eyes turn gold when looking into the future.

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